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How You Can Manage Your Time (And Why You Couldn’t)


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Manage your time

If you’re fed up on wasting your time – you’re utilizing your maximum efforts and energies but still, you can’t manage your time – then the following time management techniques that I use in my life will help you out.

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Tips for time management

Once it was really hard for me to schedule my life. I was habitual of wasting my days and weeks. Then I realize that those who goof off are less concerned with schedules. It means they don’t prioritize things and don’t follow any pattern to succeed in life.

They are always available to everyone. You just ask such a person and he will be ready to go with you anywhere. You just give them an idea and they will get inspired to work on and sooner they will start procrastinating. That’s why they aren’t productive! I have personally experienced it.

Well, if you have been one of them. That’s fine – everyone has ups and downs – even the most famous people you can imagine. But if you’re tired of such routine. That’s great. The following practical techniques and strategies will help you out to manage your time.

Find a purpose in life

Those with a goal are more conscious and sensitive about their dreams and achievements. Tony Robbins has said, whatever we do we do for a reason. Your purpose in life won’t let you stop. When you have to do something that really means to you, you don’t want to waste even a single moment. Isn’t it so?

For example, if you have to go to your favorite place with your favorite guy for a month’s vacation. You only have one day to get all the things done – that may affect your trip. Will you procrastinate on having not enough time?

I really don’t think so.

The same is the case with life goals. When actually you have a life goal and you want to achieve it. You will realize that it’s only one day that affects your journey and you shouldn’t waste it.

Find out and remove distractions

It’s not the only purpose that can help you manage your time, but it’s also about self-discipline.

In the book, self-discipline, Brian Tracy has said that it’s more powerful than any other success factors. If you don’t have it, nothing else will work for you.

If you’re not a disciplined guy. Then you will definitely have a lot of distractions around you.

Every one person has its own routine. Every person has its own distractions. You might listen to music, watching movies, news, checking your emails or using social media.

There can be a lot of other things that are affecting your life badly. So you think of your routine and sort out what you do in a whole day. It will help you find distractions.

While analyzing your routine, you must remember that everything that is not assisting you to get a life that you dream for – is a distraction.

Turn social media off

It’s a fact that people using facebook suffer more depression than the people who don’t use it. News Channels have a negative impact on your life. You feel saddened and depressed. You become more curious about finding negativity in others.

So, it’s the most essential step to manage your time effectively. Stop scrolling down your Facebook feed, stop checking your WhatsApp status and Instagram stories, they aren’t gonna yield anything. Think of something creative – that may last forever.

Improve your focus

Believe me or not, you won’t turn your social media off until you improve your focus. Until I had not worked on my focus, I had not started meditating in my life. I was not focused on and committed to my goals. The focus will help you remember your goals daily.

Most of the successful people improve their focus with mindfulness exercises. I strongly recommend using any of your mindful exercises to enhance your focus so that you could have a better grip on your time management skills.

Value your time

One of the most amazing things is that both – successful people and unsuccessful people – have 24 hours a day. And a big disappointment is that unsuccessful people spend more energy on procrastinating than on utilizing their precious 24 hours.

I really don’t mean to spend all of your 24 hours on work. Otherwise, you will suffer a lot of depression even spending your precious moments with your spouse and family.

You must remember that time is money but living a happy life is far more valuable than money. That’s why I strictly recommend keeping a life-work balance.

Analyze your work

After that, you will be in a better position to manage your time. Now you have to analyze your work. What things you have to do in your routine. While analyzing and scheduling everything, you must remember that you’re a human being. You must keep time for personal life and family.

Taking care of yourself and your family is the most work that you need to keep in mind. Never think of working hard, but work smartly with patience.

In research, it’s found that people who don’t take proper rest and don’t sleep well – usually suffer insomnia – are less productive. As Muhammad (PBUH) said, your body has right on you. You must remember that if you’re not physically fit, you can’t achieve your goals. In a study, it’s also found that people who daily exercise are more efficient than others.

Write down your goals

You might already know of writing down your plans. In a study, it was found that those who write down their goals achieve 10 times more.

So is the case to manage your time. When you write down your daily goals – whatever you have to achieve. You will find it easier to get things done.

Use Brian Tracy time management technique

It’s also an important thing to manage your time. Brain Tracy, in the book, Eat That Frog, has said that not all the tasks are equally important. There are a few which are most important and should be done immediately – you call them ‘A’ tasks. After that you will find – a few jobs are important but lesser than the A tasks – you call them B.

You will find some tasks that others can also do, you should avoid those tasks and focus on the tasks that only you can do. Stephen Covey said setting first things first is one of the habits of highly effective people.

A practical technique that I use for time management

I personally use this practical strategy for time management. You can also use yours. When you have prioritized the tasks. You should divide all the available hours with your thing to be done.

Scheduling things doesn’t mean to just prioritize and start it. Your schedule should define how much time you will spend on a task according to its importance. After that, follow that schedule strictly.

For example, when you have 4 tasks to be done. Work on all the tasks daily. Don’t compromise on any of them. Because it’s not gonna be satisfactory. So even you couldn’t finish task 1 on the scheduled time – leave that task. After a short break, start working on task 2.

In a few days, you will become more effective and will be more relaxed for your tasks.

Don’t be in a hurry

It’s one of the top reasons that you can’t manage your time. Those who are in a hurry are more depressed and less productive. Don’t think that things will get changed overnight.

Once, Donald Trump in the book “Never give up” said that things won’t change overnight even if your name is Donald Trump.

So be patient and let things happen on time. It will keep you cool and more committed to achieve your goals. This peace of mind will help you to improve time management.