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Matching Gifts To Get for You and Your Partner

Matching Gifts To Get for You and Your Partner

When you’re in a relationship it can be hard to know what gestures are right for you. While some couples seem happy just seeing each other once in a while and no one outside of their inner circle would even know they’re dating, other couples seem to be constantly showering each other with affection and gifts. Which end of the spectrum should your relationship be on? It’s an impossible question, and one that’s totally individual to the people in an individual relationship.

That said, the truth is that most couples fall somewhere in the middle, and want to make sweet gestures that show how much they value their relationship without overwhelming each other. One sweet way to achieve this balance and get it right for you and your relationship is to go for matching gifts for you and your partner. This can vary in its subtlety to suit your couple vibe, and can create a lovely bind between the two of you.

  1. Towels and bathroom products

A classic in matching couple products, his and hers towels are a great way to set off your new apartment if you’ve just moved in together – whether it’s as a gag gift or something you genuinely like. Additionally, matching bathroom products such as shower gel, candles or bath bombs can be a cute way to coordinate your bathroom and enjoy some quality time there together.

  1. Mugs

An absolute go to in the realm of matching gifts, the idea of matching mugs is the ultimate in cute couple gifts. Whether you go for a classic his and hers, a goofy joke, or just something with a matching pattern or colour, matching mugs could be a really cute idea for you and your significant other.

  1. Shoes

Obviously, no one is suggesting that each of you wear the same size shoes, both wear heels, or match all the time. However, if you’re the sort of couple who like to train together possessing matching tennis shoes or trainers might be a lovely way to feel cute and connected – but at the same time this keeps it subtle, rather than having you matching in a flashy way.

  1. Bags

Another low key way to go matching with your partner is to get you both similar bags – for example, matching gym bags or matching messenger bags. You don’t necessarily need to use or wear them at the same time – and maybe you could get them both monogrammed to tell them apart – but it’s a nice feeling to know your partner is out there somewhere matching you.

  1. Cushions 

Another subtle way to get something matching for you and your significant other is to go for something decorative like cushions. While visitors are unlikely to look that closely at your personal decor, you’ll know that in your favourite seat and theirs are matching cushions. It’s a lovely way to tie your living space together as well as to feel close to each other.

Knowing how to express your love isn’t always easy – but matching gifts could be a great way to go. Hopefully, the ideas on this list might give you some ideas on how to get the right matching gifts for your relationship.