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Norbotten Spitz: Your Ideal Dog


Norrbotten Spitz, also known as nordic spitz, are very cheerful and friendly dogs. They can be hard working farm dogs and wonderful pets of all kinds. They can be kept in the apartment, however, in this case they need daily long walks. These dogs are very mobile, they are full of strength and energy. Suitable for active people who lead a healthy lifestyle and prefer to spend their leisure time in nature. They love all members of the family in which they live. Great for children. These dogs rarely bark, which is definitely an advantage, especially if you live in an apartment. The voice of the Norrbotten Spitz can be heard only when a stranger approaches the protected area. They are wonderful vigilant watchmen.

History of the breed

These dogs have lived in Sweden since the 17th century. This breed got its name from the northern province of Sweden. Unfortunately, the exact origin of the breed is unknown. However, at that time they were very popular. They were used as shepherds, hunters, and for catching rodents. However, in the 20th century, the number of these dogs fell dramatically, they lost their past popularity. It was at this time that people rarely bred dogs of this breed. But soon the situation changed dramatically, these dogs again began to spread among the locals. However, now they are mostly purchased as companion dogs. In 1967, the breed was officially recognized by dog ​​clubs in Scandinavia. In 1982, the standard was adopted. The International Federation of Cynologists officially registered the breed in 1997. However, these dogs are very rare outside of Sweden. Although the Norrbotten Spitz certainly deserves worldwide fame.


Norrbotten Spitz – a dog of medium height, compact, square format. He has a wedge-shaped head with a wide forehead. The transition from forehead to muzzle is smooth. Muzzle pointed. The ears are quite large, erect, oval due to the rounded ends. Eyes of medium size, almond-shaped, dark in color. The neck is quite long and strong. The back is short and straight. Limbs straight, parallel to each other, with well-developed muscles. The tail is twisted into a ring, tilted to the side. The coat is dense, medium length, straight with a thick undercoat. The color can be white with yellow or red spots, zonal red and zonal gray.

Character and temperament

Norrbotten Spitz is an incredibly kind, sociable, playful and cheerful dog. They do not know what aggression is, these animals are always friendly and kind. Also, they are not in conflict with other dogs. Representatives of this breed are active, energetic and hardy. Thanks to their keen sense of smell, instant reaction and speed, they make very good hunters, especially birds. Their incontinence also allows them to track down hares and rabbits. Norrbotten Spitz are very attached to people, they love their family very much, they are usually obedient and compliant. Therefore, it is quite easy to train them, even if you have no experience and you have never had a dog.

Health, diseases

These Scandinavian huskies have very good health, they have excellent immunity and a hardy body. However, they may have esophagitis – a dangerous disease in which the mucous membrane of the esophagus becomes inflamed. The causes of this disease can be: eating hot food, getting into the esophagus of a foreign body, constant vomiting, infectious diseases. The dog refuses to eat, loses a lot of weight. If you consult a doctor in time, the disease is successfully cured. Liver failure has also been found in some dogs of this breed. In dogs, this disease is treated, if, of course, treatment is started on time. Be attentive to your pets. Don’t forget to vaccinate them. Be sure to visit a veterinarian for a routine checkup.

Maintenance and care

These dogs are small, not capricious, so they can live in an apartment. However, in this case, you need to spend a lot of time walking with this dog. Despite the fact that now Norrbotten Spitz are created as companions, they have not lost their working qualities. Norrbotten should have a lot of toys in the house, otherwise there is a possibility of property damage, especially if your pet lacks exercise. Caring for a dog of this breed is very simple. Wool should be combed weekly. During molting, this procedure should be performed a little more often. These dogs rarely get dirty. Therefore, constant bathing is not required. Do not forget to keep your ears and mouth clean. Also, rinse your dog’s eyes with a decoction of chamomile. Trim his claws regularly.


Norrbotten Spitz are very intelligent dogs, with a good memory, thanks to which they quickly memorize commands. These dogs learn quickly, they usually understand very quickly what is required of them. Raising a norrbotten puppy should be without rudeness, the best way to raise will be encouragement. In the form of encouragement can be a piece of delicacy or your kindness. More effective, of course, the first way. Norrbotten Spitz from childhood should be accustomed to people and other dogs, in order for him to adequately perceive the world around him. In order for the Norrbotten Spitz to quickly learn to hunt or graze herds, it is enough to send him to this fishery several times with other, adult and experienced dogs.


These Scandinavian dogs are not capricious in food. They usually eat whatever you prepare for them. They eat quickly and do not require large portions and frequent feeding. It is enough to feed adult dogs twice a day. If the dog moves a little, it will be enough once. The main thing is that the food was not fatty, balanced, healthy and rich in vitamins. To avoid digestive problems, feed your dog after a walk. The dog must rest after eating. Remember that animals should not be given sweets, smoked and spicy foods, as well as bones that can injure the esophagus. It is also not allowed to give dogs legumes, bakery products; freshwater fish, which has a large number of bones. Be sure to check its temperature before serving food, it should not be hot or cold. This can lead to serious illness. The dog’s diet should not be fatty meat, offal (especially kidneys, heart, scar), vegetables and fruits in raw minced form, cereals (buckwheat, rice). Sometimes it is necessary to give the dog special vitamins. The veterinarian will tell you exactly what your pet needs.