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What You Need to Know Before Taking the LSAT


If you are going to apply to law school in the United States, you have probably already been told that you need to take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). In its design, it resembles SAT and GRE. 

This standardized test measures your skill level as well as your strengths and weaknesses when entering law school. The admissions committee will analyze your results to see if you have the necessary knowledge and skills in order to study well and graduate from their educational institution. 

LSAT is a very difficult test, and in order to pass it, you need to make a lot of effort and make certain sacrifices, according to Uloop. It doesn’t matter where you are now: maybe you have been preparing for several months, or maybe you are just collecting information about what you need to do to enter law school – before taking the LSAT, you should definitely read this article. 

What is LSAT? 

The LSAT is an entrance test for law schools. It is a standardized test that determines whether you have the necessary skills to successfully complete your law school studies. Its legal focus also distinguishes it from the SAT, another test that American applicants take. To enter the Faculty of Law at most US universities, you must complete the LSAT.

The LSAT is legally different from the SAT

The LSAT format consists of five sections, each with 35 minutes to complete. Each task has several options for answering a question. One section is devoted to reading, the other to analytical thinking, and two more sections to logical thinking. The last section is not graded: test writers use it to test different questions for future exams. In addition, there is also a written assignment that needs to be completed in 35 minutes. No points are awarded for it either. Your essay will be sent to the university to which you will enroll. 

Don’t forget: although the written assignment is not considered when calculating your overall result, the admissions committee will definitely pay attention to it when it considers your candidacy. 

How is the LSAT assessed?

You can earn between 120 and 180 points. The average result is 150 points. However, for a chance to enter the top 25 law schools – such as law schools at Harvard or Cornell University – you need to score at least 160 points. It is important to choose your future university or school on time as it’s better to know which of them has the highest LSAT pass rates.

When should the test be taken? 

Timing is very important if you are considering taking the LSAT. You must have time to prepare for the test and apply to law schools. Many people start making plans about a year before admission. The earlier you start preparing for the exam, the easier it is to take it. As a rule, the deadline for submitting documents to law schools is February, so the LSAT must be passed before January so that you have time to submit your application. Registration for the test closes 4-5 weeks before the exam.

However, 4-5 weeks is not enough for a complete preparation. It is recommended to start cooking at least 3-4 months before the test. 

How much does LSAT cost?

When registering, you need to pay $ 180. One free test report is included in the price. For each subsequent report you need to pay $ 35. In addition to the registration fee, you also need to subscribe to the CAS (Credential Assembly Service), formerly known as LSDAS, for $ 185. This service provides access to important documents for applicants to law schools.

The test can be taken several times

LSAT, like the SAT, can be taken several times. However, this has its pros and cons. It is not recommended to take the test just to practice or complete the assignments as needed, because you can always try again. 

Remember: the admissions committee will consider your average score across multiple tests.

 LSAT can be completed three times in two years. If after the test you feel that you have not reached your full potential, the result can be canceled and it will not be counted. 

How long does it take to prepare?

As already mentioned, you need to prepare for the LSAT at least 3-4 months. This means you have to practice 4-6 hours a week, learn new material, take practice tests and hone the skills you need to get the maximum score 

You need not only to memorize information, but also to assimilate it

In contrast to college tests, the skills you acquired in preparation for the LSAT must be retained. Because this test measures your ability to do well in law school, preparing and improving your skills should be taken seriously. You must use the skills you have learned and practice them often. Apply them in your daily life, because they will be very useful when you become a lawyer. Therefore, when preparing, you need not only to memorize information, but also to assimilate it, so that you can then apply it in practice.