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PDF to PDF/A: 6 Best Online Converter Tools You Must Use!


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When looking for a file format to save and preserve your file for a long time, opting for PDF/A would be the best option. It is universally used by many students and even working professionals for long-term archiving. It is proven to keep the quality and content of any document for future use. 

In saving PDF to PDF/A file, you need to look for the right and reliable converter tool that can help you to manage your documents. It is not difficult to find one as there are many available converter tools accessible for free today. All you need to do is check the features it offers to avoid any inconvenience in the future. But if you don’t know where to start, we have listed the 6 best PDF to PDF/A tools for a quick and efficient conversion process that may help you. So, don’t miss it and keep scrolling!


One of the safest and reliable tools to convert PDF to PDFA is by using this PDFBear tool. You can always read reviews from previous users recommending using this tool and its useful features to convert documents to any file format. As easy as four steps, you can already convert your file in less than two minutes. All you need to do is select the file you want to convert to PDF/A format from your device’s storage. Once you upload or drag down the file to the conversion box, it will start importing and analyzing. Then, wait for a few seconds or minutes to finish the conversion process. Once it is completed, you can now download your new converted PDF/A file.

More than that, one great thing about PDFBear is that it always ensures to keep your documents safe from any hacker or unwanted users. Each uploaded file is encrypted with 246-bit encryption technology, powerful data security to protect your uploaded documents. It is also available to any operating system and device for quick access to all conversion file tasks. Plus, it’s accessible for free, so no need to worry about paying for any subscription, though they also offer a premium subscription to anyone who wants to opt for this service.

3-Heights Convert PDF to PDFA Tool

The next converter tool is widely recognized as a long-term online backup feature for PDF files. It is a useful feature guaranteed to be versatile and long-lasting to ensure it perfectly suits the adoption of various systems such as archive relocation, optimization, and quality management. If you’re going to merge 3-Heights sets, a few PDF versions in it have been systematized.

One notable feature of the 3-Heights converter tool is converting various image forms into a full-text PDF file. It can subset color control characters and create graphical system elements. This tool is also useful to restore any corrupt files, corrupt patch data, including embedded images or texts. It can also help remove free and malicious content like the documents attached.

Wondershare PDFelement

Another useful tool for easy and quick conversion of PDF to PDF/A file is Wondershare PDFelement. It also offers other features such as exporting contents, uploading files, and creating PDF file formats. It features a simple and user-friendly interface to let any user easily edit or modify the content of their PDF files by copying, adding, or deleting a text and image. It is one of the versatile tools, allowing you to convert multiple files into a single document.


AvePDF has many features to offer, not just simply converting your PDF to PDF/A file. It can also be used as online storage of your documents. To begin with, you can simply import a PDF file from your data storage or device with a maximum size of 500 megabytes. The conversion process is proven quickly and instantly, and importing PDF files can be done to the web data center.

This tool ensures to protect your files via its security features. After 30 minutes, all your imported documents will be permanently deleted. After you have done importing your files, simply delete the file manually by clicking the bin key. If file security is your top priority, opting to use AvePDF is the best deal.


Another PDF to PDF/A converter tool you can use for a quick and efficient conversion process is the PDFTron or SDK (Software Development Kit ). Like other converter tools, you can simply choose or drag and drop the file you want to convert or import. Just wait until the process stops and the converted file is ready to save or download.

PDFTron has other useful features to offer that can help you manage your file efficiently and conveniently. It can help you edit, modify or view your files. The high-quality output is also guaranteed.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is one of the most recommended converter tools to use as it not only offers to convert your PDF to PDF/A file, but it also allows you to edit, compress, merge, sign and secure your files easily and conveniently. It features an easy interface, so you don’t need to learn or watch any tutorial just to get access to its converter tool. If you have bunches of files to convert, they also offer a batch conversion process to save you both time and effort to do it manually. Plus, it has a built-in OCR feature to ensure that your file is 100% extracted from the original document content and format.

Soda PDF always ensures a quick conversion and high-quality output to any of its users, whether a free or premium subscription. It is one of the most recommended tools to use because of its great features.


When looking for the best and reliable converter tool to help you manage your files, always check its versatility. Go for a converter tool that offers to convert PDF to PDF/A file and allows you to edit, modify, merge PDF files, and others. Why not consider checking our top pick on the list, the PDFBear.


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