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Planning Your 2023 Wedding? How to Stay Ahead of Schedule

Planning Your 2023 Wedding? How to Stay Ahead of Schedule
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The wedding planning process can be infinitely easier if you keep a few things in mind. Here’s how to stay ahead of schedule so you will have plenty of time for all those wedding preparations:

  • Remember that everything takes longer than what you originally planned for. This is especially true with wedding planning, as wedding vendors often need weeks or even months to confirm availability and pricing.

  • Create a rough draft wedding day schedule which will include the estimated timing associated with each step of the wedding planning process – from venue selection to honeymoon preparation.

  • If you have the time, get help from your wedding planner or wedding expert wedding vendor whenever possible to avoid falling behind schedule by taking on too many tasks at once. For example, if you are thinking of setting up a food tent for your wedding event, it is advisable to hire an experienced rental provider wedding service provider.
  • Follow all deadlines without exceptions so nothing will fall through the cracks and cause additional stress on top of all wedding planning activities that must be done before the big day!
  • Stop procrastinating! Wedding vendors often book their weekends months in advance, so if there’s anything important that needs to be done before the wedding, allowing even just a few weeks to complete it might mean having to wait until wedding season next year.
  • Organize your wedding party into individual tasks that are assigned for completion. If you have several family members helping you with wedding planning, make sure everyone knows exactly what they need to do without overlapping areas of responsibility.
  • Create wedding checklists for each wedding vendor/service provider to ensure every item on your wedding checklist is checked off without leaving anything behind! Don’t forget about the champagne toast!
  • Take care of everything in advance whenever possible by getting all requirements done well in time before approaching any particular wedding vendor/wedding service provider.
  • Complete wedding vendor/wedding service provider contracts long before your wedding, to avoid surprises on your wedding day when you are in the busiest time of planning!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask wedding vendors/wedding service providers for discounts or complimentary wedding services! Many wedding vendors/wedding service providers are happy to reward wedding couples that spend more than $4000 on their wedding.
  • Figure out wedding menu options, prices and preferred wedding meal timing well in advance of your wedding date. Wedding catering is often one of the most expensive items on any wedding budget, so it’s best to start this research as early as possible.

If you feel like you’re getting behind schedule and finding it difficult to stay ahead of planning while working on this wedding checklist list, take some small steps by breaking down the wedding process into smaller tasks that can easily be completed one after another with no problem! Remember that wedding planning should always remain fun and exciting! If you are looking for a specific wedding vendor that can cater for all your wedding day needs, visit Marinaj Banquets & Events’ website today at www.marinajbanquets.com.