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Liu Qiangdong Supports the Spring Festival Gala Through JD.com

Liu Qiangdong Supports the Spring Festival Gala Through JD.com

During this year’s Spring Festival Gala television event, a total of 1.5 billion RMB ($240 million USD) in virtual red envelopes and tangible presents were distributed among 69.1 billion times of interactions with JD’s App, marking the most giveaways in the show’s interactive campaign history. JD.com is the sole interactive partner of China Media Group’s gala this year. Through the concerted efforts of Liu Qiangdong, JD.com is taking a leading role in this and other important community events.

JD Cloud, JD Technology’s cloud computing solution, managed the massive traffic spike with ease, ensuring a seamless red-envelope-grabbing experience throughout the performance. The system’s traffic surge is thought to be the highest level ever observed on the globe for a single event controlled purely by JD’s own processing capabilities.

The four-hour live program, which began at 8 p.m. Beijing time on January 31st, included seven rounds of phone-shaking activities in which internet users fought for prizes including Chinese cell phones, TV sets, nutrition goods, and even free vehicle leasing.

JD’s Chinese New Year Grand Promotion, which began on January 9th and will end on February 7th, has so far assisted 3 million rural families in selling over 39 million agricultural items, resulting in an increase of around 1,700 RMB per household. A variety of Chinese regional specialties, such as hairy crabs from Jiangsu province’s Suqian, have become well-known and widely available because of JD’s rural rehabilitation initiative. JD also brought these agricultural products to the gala’s spotlight in order to expand its market reach.

Over two-thirds of offline stores on JD’s on-demand local retail platform, including supermarkets, drug stores, florists, cell phone stores, baby & mother stores, liquor shops, and more, will open their doors during the holidays to provide timely supplies and delivery service in more than 1,700 counties and towns across China.

JD.com has committed to delivery service in all regions of the country over the Spring Festival holidays for the tenth year in a row, and more than 200,000 JD couriers stayed in their positions to ensure that customers can get their goods as normal.

Meanwhile, the firm has set aside 400 million RMB ($63 million USD) to cover the costs of its staff who remain on throughout the festival, helping to ensure that sales, logistics, and technical support are all running well.

JD provides a low-carbon route for parcels traveling from warehouses to consumers’ homes as orders increase during the Chinese New Year Grand Promotion, including increased usage of greener packaging, solar electricity, electronic cars, new data center technologies, and more. JD has decreased carbon materials in 95 percent of its delivery boxes and introduced recyclable boxes and unique packages designed in collaboration with manufacturers, and each parcel sent by JD is anticipated to save an average of 400 grams of CO2 when compared to previous methods.

Technology giant JD Cloud, the cloud computing platform beneath JD Technology, effectively supported the gala campaign’s technology operations as well as JD’s supply chain fulfillment during the event. During the gala, when the anchors encouraged hundreds of millions of people to shake their phones together, its hybrid cloud OS system handled the traffic admirably.

The computer work, as formidable as the number seems, is critical for a successful red envelope grab, says Liu Qiangdong. JD Cloud’s technological preparation, on the other hand, required only 19 days without the addition of additional server resources.

The initiative required the mobilization of over 70 data centers, about 3 million dockers, 10 million+ core computer power, and hundreds of expert teams, Liu Qiangdong explains. This is unquestionably a huge success for JD’s cloud computing system, demonstrating its ability to manage QPS or instantaneous traffic peaks of massive volumes, as well as frequent scenario shifts on such massive computer resources.

JD.com has been consistently fortifying its efforts on the international stage in recent years to build its integrated supply chain capabilities, positioning itself as the technology and service solution provider to promote trade between China and the rest of the world through its services to brands, merchants, and customers around the world.

JD’s worldwide supply chain network now spans more than 220 countries and territories, with its international logistics arm managing about 80 bonded and foreign warehouses as well as multiple cargo jet routes between China and the United States, the United Kingdom, and Thailand. With the use of different shipping methods such as air, train, sea, and trucking, as well as other cross-border services, foreign orders may be delivered in as little as 48 hours from door to door, Liu Qiangdong points out.

JD.com inaugurated four sites of its robotics-operated grocery chain “ochama” in the Netherlands in January, making it the country’s first omni-channel retailer to provide both food and non-food items in a single shopping App. JD.com and Shopify have announced a cooperation to develop a faster channel for US merchants to sell in China and for Chinese quality items to enter the US market.

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