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Preventing Porch Pirates


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If you work as a full-time employee or live in an area with a history of porch pirates, it can be worrying to get your purchases delivered. Porch pirates are thieves who steal packages from people’s porches and other common drop-off areas, resulting in millions of dollars’ worth of stolen items and lost merchandise.

Sometimes your schedule simply doesn’t allow a trip to the store, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice delivery methods because of the potential for crime in the area. Porch pirates often target areas that frequently receive packages or seem to be unguarded. There is a variety of options to help safeguard items being delivered and catch criminals interested in your packages. If you order online, protect against porch pirates by adding security measures to your deliveries. Make sure to check out the infographic below for tips on how to prevent porch pirates.

Infographic created by Eye Trax


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