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Dash cameras, also referred to as dash cams, are largely seen as essential accessories by many logistics companies. Fleet operators often install them in their vehicles and do so for various reasons. Some people also install dash cams in private vehicles for a feeling of security.

Installing fleet dash cameras in your vehicles enhances the performance of your drivers, saves operational costs, and lots more.

In this post, we will take a quick look at the benefits of installing fleet dash cameras in your vehicles. We will start by taking a quick look at what they are.


Otherwise referred to as dashboard cams, fleet dash cameras are video monitoring systems or cameras that are installed in the interior of a vehicle. As the name implies, dash cams are typically installed on the dashboard of your vehicle. However, some fleet owners prefer installing them on the rearview mirrors of their fleet.

There are a variety of fleet dashcam types ranging from side mount dash cameras to front dash cameras. They are either powered by the electrical system of your vehicles or by internal batteries.


Here are the top benefits of installing fleet dash cameras on your vehicles:

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·        IMPROVING DRIVER BEHAVIOR: Nothing gives fleet managers greater peace of mind than properly behaved drivers. One of the ways to achieve this is by installing fleet dash cams in your vehicles. There are several reliable fleet dash cameras such as Eyeride products that ensure that you have access to more than one view to effectively monitor the behavior of your drivers. With the dual-view fleet dashcam, fleet managers can monitor the behavior of drivers inside and outside of their vehicles. Drivers are often their best behavior when they know that they are being watched. This includes complying with the required safety procedures of the company and staying alert while driving, etc.

·        DETECTING CRITICAL EVENTS: Always make sure that you invest in high-quality fleet dash cameras. Why? Dash cameras with unique features like built-in G-sensors can easily detect hard braking, strong jolts, and excessive acceleration. Furthermore, their built-in sensors allow them to detect the level of impact from collisions. The video footage recorded by these devices can be stored for later retrieval. Some fleet dash cams are built to only store footage when a collision is felt.

·        GPS TRACKING: One of the ways of improving productivity is by reducing the travel time of your vehicles. Installing fleet dash cameras with a built-in GPS tracking system helps you monitor your drivers’ routes in real-time. This way, managers can be assured that their vehicles are right where they need to be. Furthermore, it alerts them when a driver is taking a vehicle on personal errands or off route. Over time, fleet managers can identify less busy routes,  allowing for faster delivery.

Fleet dash cameras help your managers identify if a driver should undergo further training or be let go. This way, you are assured that your vehicles are always in the right hands.


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