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The Many Benefits of Electric Vehicles and How They Are Used

The Many Benefits of Electric Vehicles and How They Are Used

Like most new technology, the electric vehicle (EV) has been slowly evolving and developing, with smaller and more powerful batteries to take the vehicle further distances. While we are expecting all vehicles to be electrically powered at some point in the future, we are beginning to integrate the EV into our lives and here are a few of the benefits of making the switch to an EV.

  • Zero Emissions – Unlike the internal combustion engine, the EV does not create any emissions and if you would like to reduce your carbon footprint, switching to an electric vehicle is the right thing to do. Take Thailand as an example, with the leading UGO Corp that produces electric vehicles in Thailand for the hospitality sector.
  • Cheaper to Run – When you compare the cost of running a petrol or diesel car to an electric vehicle, it is much cheaper to go with the electric solution. The internal combustion engine is a very complex piece of machinery and therefore requires regular servicing, whereas the EV uses a much simpler electric motor. Of course, the electric vehicle does need to be serviced, but there is no engine to maintain, which makes it a much cheaper exercise. Click here for a few tips on keeping your motoring costs to a minimum.
  • Silent Running – The EV is almost silent (there is a slight whining noise from the motor and transmission) and while it might sound nice to the enthusiast, some think that the noise of a V8 engine is just noise. Less noise is also safer in a working environment, which should see a drop in industrial accidents.

Types of Electric Vehicle

While most auto manufacturers offer hybrid cars; a combination of energy sources, only a few have any all-electric vehicles in their showrooms. The majority of EVs currently are used in the entertainment and hospitality sectors; golf courses, country clubs and resorts employ EVs to ferry their guests around.

Basic People Carriers

These vehicles can carry up to 12 people in a single carriage and several can be towed by the EV, making it ideal for hospitals with large car parks, which are used to ferry people into the main building. Golf carts have always been used in the field of hospitality and they can be used for a few hours before they need a further charge.

Airport Travel

EVs are being integrated into airport use more and more; they can be used to ferry crew, passengers and luggage to the waiting aircraft, plus airport staff use them to move around. As traditional diesel-powered shuttle vehicles are retired, they are gradually being replaced by EVs, which are much cheaper to run and do not harm the environment.

Emergency electric vehicles are now rolling off the production line, with fire applications, police vehicles and even ambulances that can be charged when not in use and are ready to spring into action. Click here for Thai government information about electric vehicles, which demonstrates the nation’s intentions to make the switch from internal combustion to electric solutions.