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The Need To Knows Of Window Installation

The Need To Knows Of Window Installation

Windows are incredibly important for defense against water damage and are vital for keeping a comfortable temperature in your home. Knowing the details of window installation and getting them properly installed by a trained professional can save you from needing to replace them and help cut down on your electricity bill. Different elements of a window can have large impacts on the longevity and performance of a window. Wood window frames may look nice, but require regular maintenance to keep up look and function while already having a high upfront product cost. New construction vinyl, however, requires significantly less upkeep than other wood frame materials, has a lower upfront cost, and has considerably better energy efficiency as compared to wood or aluminum. 

The way a window opens and closes also impacts how well it keeps a stable temperature. Most windows slide past one another, but over time, this can let air leak through. Windows that close by pressing against the frame are able to create a better seal, letting them let less air through and increasing energy efficiency.
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