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The Right Hybrid Event Strategy

The Right Hybrid Event Strategy

When was the last time we saw an event that did not have anything to do virtually? It’s hard to remember right? It is because we have been in a transition from physical to virtual and now getting the best of both worlds. Nowadays, Even when we go to attend a wedding we see a drone in the sky. It records the wedding so that we can experience it again, or the ones who could not be a part of it can become a part of it now.

We need to understand what hybrid events are and how we can make the right hybrid event strategy. Hybrid event- it basically means that an event is being held as an in-person event as well as online. In simple terms, it is an event that you can attend as you wish to, by being physically present at the event or by logging in to the event online. Hybrid event service providers should be credited for making this shift happen and giving us this liberty.

Hybrid has become the new norm now. It is there in offices, where you can work from the office as well as at home. It is also available in fitness classes and many other aspects of life. In order to get it right, one should have a strategy for the same to get the best results. Let us have a look at how we can create the right hybrid event strategy:

Creating A Right Hybrid Event Strategy


Finance is the lifeblood of any organization, we need to plan our budget accordingly so that it doesn’t hamper the pocket of an organization. You’ll have to understand the constraint that you have with your budget. It will allow you to allocate your resources optimally and efficiently for both the in-person and virtual aspects of the component.

Considering in-person and virtual aspects:

Now that you know what is the depth of your pocket, and how much you’ll be able to spend, you have to look for both aspects of the event individually.

For this, you need to know the scale and intricacies of the event so that you can plan it accordingly, such as:

1. How many people are going to be there in person?

2. Which hybrid summit platform are we going to use for the virtual part if any?

3. Bifurcating the components of in-person and virtual aspects.

4. How to engage the audience and make it participative for them.

5. Keeping an eye on the most important hybrid event live streaming services that are there in the market.

Event space:

The next thing to take into consideration is an event space. It is a place where various aspects of the event will be managed, all throughout the event. There are many different hybrid conference platforms that provide such services.

It is also a place that will be used to keep the recordings of virtual events, where anyone who missed out on the event or wants to have a relook at the event for better insights.

Because of this, you’ll get an umbrella space for your event, which is easily accessible by attendees and they will not forget it in times to come.

Now that we’re done creating our event space, we will give our emphasis on how to market it.


Now that you’re done with the internal aspects of our event, you should make people aware of the event that you’re going to hold. You can take use of a hybrid event platform to have a broader outreach and expertise on the event.

Conventional marketing strategies being there, you should also make sure that your audience is cognizant of the benefits that your event is offering this time around.

Some eye-catching lines can be used that merit attention from your audience, such as:

a. Exclusive behind-the-scenes view of the event

b. Uncensored interview of your favorite speaker

c. Look at pre and post-event happenings

d. Introverts, easy networking options are there. Come and explore.


When it comes to hybrid events, alignment is the key. You need to properly align both the virtual and in-person aspects of the event to give the attendees a smooth-sailing experience of the event.

To pull this off, hybrid event service providers usually have two teams, one handling the in-person side and the other team handling the virtual side of the event.

These two teams cooperate and coordinate with each other to make the event hassle-free.


Everyone knows that today’s content is king. You can get the best of the speakers, and the doyens of their respective fields but if there is a dearth of content, nothing is going to save the event. So taking good care of your content is the key. Make sure that you know about the content that your event is going to deliver and is matching the expectations of your audience.

Preparation time:

Every event to become a success is dependent on many factors.

Some of them are its speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. Giving them enough preparation time to deliver is quintessential. For they are the ones who create an image and set the tone of the event.

For an on-ground event, give them the view of the space, the mic, and all the feels that they are performing. While at the same time, brief them about the virtual side of the event too. So in any mishappenings at the last juncture, they are not able to attend, they can attend it virtually.

Hybrid gold field:

Just like k.g.f, h.g.f is a gold field of content. Everyone involved in the event can be converted into eternal and accessible content for those who gave it a miss. It can be used as a success story to get more leads converted into revenue.

Now it’s time to just sit back and analyze how all of it went. Whether the hybrid conference platform that you chose, helped you in getting your desired results. And how you can improve from here on.

Final Words

By now, you might’ve understood whether or not you are going to make your event hybrid. And if it is on a positive note, and you’re giving a thumbs up to the hybrid event then you know the things that you’ve to take care of and how to make the right hybrid event strategy.