Home Business The Successful Journey Of A Multi-talented Performance Champion Kyle Sullivan

The Successful Journey Of A Multi-talented Performance Champion Kyle Sullivan

The Successful Journey Of A Multi-talented Performance Champion Kyle Sullivan

“To whom much is given, much is expected” is an adage that loudly rings true in Kyle Sullivan’s career journey. He is thankful that he woke up to the realization of his purpose much early in his life. He made his move in 2019 when he and his wife welcomed home their first bundle of joy-a daughter. At first, all he wanted was to stay close to his family and witness his child grow.

Kyle went ahead and made the bold decision of quitting his formal job. Little did he know how much such a conscious move would open doors to more places of fulfillment. Today you get to learn more about the twists and turns that have propelled him to his current status.

Kyle’s Background?

Kyle hails from the United States of America. He grew up like a regular child. He is enthusiastic about life, highly hopeful for a bright future, and curious about everything. Kyle is also not shy to admit that he got hooked into peer pressure in his teenage years. He got engaged in drug abuse, eventually turning into a drug dealer. He has physical scars to show.

Kyle has also suffered abandonment issues; his father single-handedly raised him after his mother took off while he was just months old. Regardless, he pursued his education, his best school moments being the school soccer matches. Kyle has adored the sport since. Eventually, he secured jobs in different formal organizations. Kyle would later admit to his dissatisfaction in his then career. He began to plot his exit, guided by his itching passion for leading, inspiring, and coaching.

Kyle’s Entrepreneurial Journey 

Before Kyle delved into narrating his entrepreneurial escapades, he cautioned against impulse decisions. Passion is undoubtedly the bedrock of any dream, but it takes strategy to have a safe landing. In his case, he resigned from his formal job a year after the idea of chasing his passion plunged into his mind. During this period, he took his time to put all the necessary pieces together. Some of those included;

  • Seeking clarity of his vision
  • Putting his objective in place
  • Identifying and following a role model in the line of his niche
  • He began to tailor his path through gradual execution.

What Keeps Kyle Going?

Aside from passion, Kyle shares with us a couple more of his ultimate driving forces:

  • Spirituality; As mentioned, Kyle is a Christian Spiritual Leader. He observes the need to connect with a higher power. Christianity and pastor hood as a whole gives him the security of divine protection and guidance. He also has his spiritual leadership to thank for the alpha skills he has gained!
  • His dependents, Kyle, first demonstrate leadership at home. The birth of his first child was the ultimate trigger towards adjourning his commissioned entrepreneurship. He is glad that he can be present to provide love and guidance for his little ones and provide a decent life.
  • His Mission; Your mission serves as a reference point in your pursuit. The essence of a reference point is to help you gauge your mileage and keep you focused on your goal. Kyle is glad to have one that leaves a positive impact on every soul that he engages.  
  • Results; Performance is the highest source of motivation any leader can ever get. As Kyle describes, there’s no greater reward than seeing your efforts bear fruits. One can not trade the feeling with anything, not even compensation.


Kyle Sullivan has left a powerful impact in every avenue that presents a pastoral need for him to service. You cannot possibly put Kyle’s vast experience and passion to words. He is aimed for higher, and he purposes to tag along with every strong-willed youth of America and beyond!

You can connect to Kyle Sullivan on; 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kylejohnsullivan1/

Website: https://www.kylejsullivan.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kylejsullivan/?hl=en