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Top 4 Ways to Grab Attention With Digital Signage

Top 4 Ways to Grab Attention With Digital Signage

Getting your message about your product to as many people as you can is one way of boosting your sales to increase revenue. Traditionally you would only use billboards, print media and television advertisements, but the advancements in technology have added several ways of advertisement. One such advertisement is the configurable commercial LED display. Unlike traditional signage, digital displays create a more immersive experience and grab the attention of passers-by through videos and sound. Video walls are also easier to update using the readily available configurable digital display applications. Below are some tips on how you can use digital signage to grab the attention of your audience and deliver impactful messages.

Choose the Right Spot to Install Your Video Wall

The positioning of your digital signage plays a vital role in determining its effectiveness as it will determine the number of people who will view your signage, its safety, the quality of the images and many more. Some of the factors to consider include:

  • The amount of light present
  • your wall cooling needs
  • Whether it will be flush or recessed with the wall
  • Your target audience
  • Area’s weather conditions

Though there are no hard rules on how to choose the best location for your video wall. Choosing the right spot can help you reach the target audience better. For example, if you are selling office equipment, having your digital display installed on the street full of offices is better than installing it at a food market.

Choose the Right Software

Since all digital displays need software to run, you must choose software for your display. While there are many configurable digital display applications in the market, you should choose software that meets your advertising needs. Other factors to consider when choosing software for your digital display are your budget and the type of video wall. Ensure that the video wall is capable of performing crucial tasks like displaying live news, automating content, displaying weather widgets and displaying live social feeds.

Create Exciting Content

Nowadays, the only way you can catch people’s attention is by creating creative dynamic content. To avoid boring content, you can create several short videos that only run for a few seconds. You can incorporate different information themes for every short video. For example, you can have a short video for introducing and advertising a new product, a short video for reviews and customer testimonials and a short video for seasonal adverts like Christmas products. Also, remember to always keep your content fresh by creating new videos after every one or two weeks.

Add Some Attractors

If you plan to use your digital sign for a long time, people who regularly use the route may only be interested in viewing your content for the first few months and later lose interest. However, you can make your digital sign more attractive by adding things like the current date and time, weather forecasts, news headlines, real-time traffic information, stock fluctuations and many more. This additional information will attract people’s attention even if they have been viewing the signage every day.