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Why is Bangkok a Hub for Digital Nomads?


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If you have ever walked down Silom or Sukhumvit Road, you will have noticed more than a fair share of young westerners who don’t seem like tourists, and the reason for this is a surge of digital entrepreneurs who prefer to live in a tropical paradise rather than the cold confines of Europe.

So, what is it about Thailand and Bangkok that remote workers find so appealing?

  • Low Cost of Living – When you look at the cheap cost of hotels in Sukhumvit Soi 11, you realise that living in Bangkok is much cheaper than any western city. Renting a top-rated condo unit won’t cost more than $300 per month and that comes with a shared pool, fitness centre and all the luxuries you would expect in a premier development. Any time you fancy tropical beaches, simply head south to Phuket or Samui Island and there’s no reason you can’t base yourself on an idyllic beach, as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • Great Internet – In many ways, Thailand driving guide has more going for it than some ‘developed’ countries and 5G is already here, which offers 10x speeds. You can take out an unlimited data package for around $30 per month and use your smartphone SIM to hotspot your laptop. All condo units, resorts and hotels have free Wi-Fi, which is high-speed and there are some nice co-working spaces set up by seasoned expats, where you can exchange ideas with other freelancers. Click here for an article on how to travel and work at the same time, which makes for interesting reading.
  • Amazing Thai Cuisine – It’s no surprise that Thai restaurants can be found in every city in the world and with the best street food in Asia, you can experience exotic, spicy dishes and enjoy noodle soup for 3$ a bowl! If you really miss MacDonald’s or KFC, they are everywhere in this fast-moving metropolis, but you certainly have a big choice of cuisine, with Chinatown serving great Chinese dishes.
  • Great Social Life – You will be surprised at just how many like-minded people you will meet in Bangkok; Thong Lor is the hi-so area, while Banglampu is a lively area for young backpackers who are travelling around Thailand. Coffee shops are great places to meet other expats and they are on every corner and you can also get to know the locals, who are very warm and friendly to foreigners.
  • Hub for Travel – Those who have the freedom and independence to live where they please like to base themselves in Bangkok, as this is a central hub for South East Asia; the doorstep to Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar, with Malaysia and Singapore to the south. Spend a few months in Bangkok, then head off to Cambodia, or Laos and experience life from a different perspective, which would probably end up being a holiday, due to poor Internet service.

More and more digital entrepreneurs and remote workers are relocating to Thailand, where they can enjoy a tropical lifestyle at an affordable price.


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