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How To Track A Phone Without Them Knowing (Even Free)


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How to track a phone without them knowing

It’s not always bad to track someone’s phone without him knowing. It can be a need of time or the environment.

Such steps are taken to avoid something wrong about our relations. For example, you need to track your loved one’s phone when you don’t want him to cheat on you or go astray, the loved one can be your spouse or your children.

You might also need to track your employees so that you could notice their activities remotely.

There can be many other such reasons where it’s the perfect choice to track a phone without them knowing.

So whatever the reason you have, you must find a perfect app that can help you track a phone without them knowing. The app can be free or paid depending upon the nature of the tracking.

For example, if you want to track your own phone or someone’s phone within your access and you don’t want to spy on those phones deeply then the free apps are the best solutions and when it comes to digging deep into the matters then definitely spending a few bucks for the safety of your loved ones or your business isn’t a big deal.

So let’s discuss a few free and paid apps that will help you track a phone secretly.

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Free apps to track a phone

A few free apps to track someone’s phone without them knowing are as following

Google find my phone (free for Android)

It’s a perfect tracker by Google and it’s free for Android phones.

Once you install this app on your phone, you get the following benefits.

  1. Track your phone’s location
  2. Ring the bell to find it around you
  3. Lock the screen if someone took your phone and you want to save personal data
  4. Contact the operator of your device
  5. Erase the device fully to protect your data

Yes, all of these benefits are free for Android users.

Find My Phone (free for iOS devices)

Find My - iCloud tracker

Find My is an amazing app to track your phone or your friend’s phones.

Once you have installed the app you will get all the benefits that Google’s find my phone app has and a few additional benefits.

So with iCloud, you can,

  1. Track your iPhone’s location.
  2. Ring it when it’s lost somewhere in the house
  3. Lock it if lost.
  4. Erase the data
  5. Find it when a data connection is turned off.

Yes, it’s an amazing feature for iPhone users that even if the mobile data is turned off it can be located with the help of other iPhones around them.

It will secretly deliver the location of your phone in your account.

GPS tracker for Androids

GPS Phone Tracker

With the help of this GPS tracker, you can find your phone on the web anywhere in the world.

It can also be useful to catch a cheater when you both aren’t living together.

FollowMee tracker for iOS

FollowMee iPhone Tracker

FollowMee GPS Location Tracker a free tracker for iPhone users. It works in the background. The app has an ability that it can track the phone even when it’s in sleep mode or data is interrupted. It stores the data on the phone and whenever the concentration is back it uploads the data on your account.

Find My Mobile (For Samsung Users)

If you’re using Samsung Mobile then Samsung gives you an amazing feature to track your phone without spending any bucks.

As you register yourself on your Samsung phone then you can easily locate your phone on the web account when it’s lost.

Your Samsung can help you unlock your phone, change the password and PIN as well.

Best paid apps to track a phone

When it comes to paid apps, you get a lot more features to give you ease and track a phone quite easily and secretly.

But it’s hard to find a suitable app that can fulfill your needs and doesn’t cheat you when you really need it.

For example, a few apps providers can take your money but their apps are not better than the free apps or the apps aren’t invisible.

There is also a possibility that the service provider doesn’t respond to you when you need them, it really sucks.

That’s why it’s better to read reviews and all features of a spy app before you choose that.

That’s why I won’t get into all the available spy apps in the market but I will only choose those apps which are the finest ones in the market by all means.

The two best tracking paid apps are,

  1. mSpy
  2. Flexispy

mSpy – the best tracking app

It’s a fact that if you spend money you’re always rewarded according to that money.

But the thing is to choose the right place for investing your money.

When you’re serious about some matters like your child is going to college or school somewhere outside the city and you have heard that the atmosphere of the hostel or city isn’t good. Then it’s far better to keep an eye on your child.

Maybe, your doubt that your spouse or employee or another partner is cheating on you and you want to get the evidence or at least monitor the phone.

Then no doubt mSpy is the right choice for in such cases because with just less than a dollar per day you get the following amazing features in Basic plan.

Track Call logs

All the incoming and outgoing calls of the targeted phone are recorded and uploaded to your mSpy account.

It will add data every 5 minutes.

You can check the call logs every day to see to whom he/she is making calls the most and what activity he/she does after that.

Text messages

All of the messages available on the phone are uploaded to your mSpy account silently. You can simply read the messages anytime to make better decisions.

It’s a fact that the world isn’t perfect that’s why it’s better to guide your loved ones in sensitive matters.

There can be too many matters in which your child or another partner needs guidance but they can’t ask you directly, you can spy on their phone without them knowing and guide them in a planned perfect way.

GPS Tracking

mSpy has a perfectly working GPS tracker that will give you all the tracking records in your web account.

So you will easily see where the targeted phone is going and how much time is staying there, secretly.


This is an amazing feature available in paid apps that you can set a location for the targeted phone whenever the targeted phone leaves that area you get a notification in your web account.

Web History

Checking the web history of your loved ones is essential. Because web history will predict a perfect picture of their mentality those days.

It’s far better to keep your eyes open and don’t your loved ones be alone in difficult times.

Social Media

Social media activity and messengers are widely used all around the world.

It’s possible that your child is using social media messengers to communicate with others so it’s better to get access to their data to keep them safe from dangers.

Track all data available on the phone:

It’s not over yet. With just less than a dollar a month, you get access to other data available on someone’s phone without them knowing.

Flexispy: one of the best spying apps

Flexispy App

When it comes to spying or tracking someone’s phone without them knowing then you can’t forget Flexispy.

It not only works on the phones but also works for PC and Mac.

And it also takes less than a buck for spying someone’s phone for a day.

You can check out all the features here in this Flexispy review or right here on the Flexispy site.

Despite all the amazing features available, we will discuss some tracking features relevant to our topic.

Call logs and Address book

If you want to track someone’s phone activity then it’s important to see call logs and address books of the target phone.

Flexispy gives you access to the call logs and address book of that phone so that you could monitor calls activity on the target phone.

Track SMS and MMS messages

Flexispy will track all the incoming and outgoing messages on the target phone without them knowing.

It will silently upload the data of calls and messages on your web account so that you could see anywhere in the world.

GPS tracking and Geo-fencing

The spying app monitors the target phone with it’s a perfect GPS tracker. You will get all the data recorded by the tracker on your web account.


It’s an amazing feature that will record all the keystrokes done on the target phone.

For example, your child or employee has opened a site, wrote something on the site you should read but it’s not available on the phone. In that case, the keylogger is a perfect choice to monitor someone’s activity.

Track social media accounts

Flexispy will also give you access to social media accounts and chats on the messengers. You will easily read what the target is doing on social media.

Track browsing and surfing

As I told you earlier that it has a keylogger feature. So it keeps the data of browsing and surfing and you can easily see what someone searched on a site.

For example, your child can open Google and write anything in its search box, you can’t just imagine until you get in the keylogger feature.

Track Installed apps

It’s better to track all the activities available on the phone. So it’s good to see the installed apps on the phone. Which app did your loved one install, and when it was uninstalled.

It will give a clear picture of everything.

Track everything on the phone without them knowing:

Yes, that’s true. With this app, you can simply track each and everything available on the phone.

The audio files, video files, text files, photos, and anything that is available on the phone will be delivered to your web account.

That’s why if you want to dig deep into someone’s phone, it’s a perfect choice.

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