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US Cyber Games: Sponsored by TikTok

US Cyber Games: Sponsored by TikTok

Cyber Games are a Race Against Time

As cyber terrorists and cybercriminals make cyber attacks easier, we must fight back with just as much fervor. Cybersecurity is an industry that’s becoming more relevant and lucrative every day, in which cyber professionals need a way to keep themselves on top of their game. Enter the US Cyber Games (USCG).

Funded by TikTok, the USCG brings together cyber experts from all over the nation for a series of cyber simulations. In fact, it was such a success in its first year that it’s continuing again this year! The event was designed by cyber investors to be both deep enough to test professional skills while also accessible enough for newbies or hobbyists looking to simply see how cybersecurity works.

How Does it Work?

There are three cyber games in total, which all take place on private cyber servers and start with one simple goal: protect the servers. It’s as cyber simple as it gets! 

From there, cyber players must fight cybercriminals for control over the servers while strategically warding off cyber terrorists from damaging them beyond repair. In each game, there is a cyber team of four people total (including coaches), who need to work together to accomplish their goals while also keeping an eye out for each other’s emotional state, so that they don’t get themselves killed following a bad call or clouded judgment due to cyber rage.

The tournament kicks off this fall and will conclude at the US Cyber Games’ finals event in the spring of 2022. It’s the cyber ultimate test where cyber companies can recruit cyber talent and cyber professionals can prove that they’re capable of going toe-to-toe with cyber masterminds all over the country.

All Cybersecurity Pros Should Check Out Each of These Cyber Games:

  • Cyber Overwatch – This is a strategic game, which gives cyber players time to strategize and coordinate before tackling an objective. No two games are alike in this cyber tournament series, so you’ll need to get your team on the same page quickly (but carefully). If that doesn’t work, then you better hope you have great teammates who are quick thinkers or prepared for any situation!
  • Cyber Rainbow Six Siege – In this high-pressure cyber event, cyber players take on cyber terrorists in a cyber battle to the death. With only two cyber team members, cyber experts must be agile and accurate to ensure that their cyber opponents don’t have a chance of survival. When cyber violence is required, cyber Rainbow Six Siege delivers!
  • Cyber Counter-Strike – In this cyber spin-off of the classic game Counter-Strike, you’ll try to regain control over your servers while also trying to extract any information possible from your opponent’s servers. It might sound easy but if you’re playing against experienced cyber teams then it will only get harder as time goes by. If they end up getting hold of your data before you can stop them then the next round is all on you to do better!

How is Your Cybersecurity Readiness?

Whether cybersecurity newbies or cyber veterans, each cyber game in the USCG is a fun and exciting way to test your cyber skills. If you’re hoping to recruit cyber talent for your company then perhaps you’ll consider sponsoring a cyber team at this year’s US Cyber Games! Until then get an IT company to discuss your current cybersecurity readiness.