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What Type of Mattress is Best for me?

What Type of Mattress is Best for me?
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If you have trouble sleeping and you’ve tried everything, maybe it’s time to switch your mattress, on the other hand, you might be ready for an upgrade anyway to a custom sized mattress and you’re wondering about what is out there. In this post, we take a look at some of the most popular mattresses, what they do well, and what you should look for in yours. You can also look at this mattress buying guide for more details.

A Foam Mattress

A foam custom sized mattress is a very common mattress type that consists entirely of foam – there are no coils or springs in this type of mattress. A foam mattress provides above average contouring and is good comfort and pain relief. 

People who might benefit from a foam mattress include those with issues sleeping chronic pain, side sleepers and couples. The most common type of foam mattress is memory foam that shapes itself to your contours. 

An InnerSpring Mattress

An Innerspring Mattress is a tier down from a foam mattress. These mattresses use a cloud-based support system that is layered on top. It creates a firm surface that often lacks pressure relief but can be useful for back conditions. 

This Mattress would suit someone who prefers a firm surface to lay on with limited motion. They are usually lower in price as they offer little in terms of flexible sleeping options. 

A Hybrid Mattress 

Hybrid mattresses combine the best of both worlds bringing together the twin benefits of comfort and support. It uses an innerspring with substantial foam for comfort, there are usually some additional layers made from micro coils. 

A Hybrid mattress will offer sleepers plenty of bounce and comfort; they also have low heat retention for warmer climates. This type of custom sized mattress is suitable for a wide range of sleepers with different sleeping styles. 

A Latex Mattress 

A Latex mattress strikes the perfect balance between firmness and comfort. They are made using Latex rubber throughout making them bouncy and durable. It also provides some moderate contouring so it isn’t super firm. 

Latex mattresses are suitable for those who like the middle area between contouring and firmness. As with a hybrid mattress, the Latex one is excellent for a wide range of sleeper, when made with organic Latex it is also suitable for eco-shoppers. 

An Airbed 

Finally, there is the Airbed, a type of custom sized mattress that is loved by couples as they can set the firmness at each side according to their preferences. An Airbed is made using a chamber of air as its core support. This air chamber can be adjusted using a smartphone app or external control. 

Air mattresses are typically quite firm but that can be slackened by releasing some of the air in the chamber underneath. With this technology, you can adjust the firmness level to suit your sleeping position.  


It’s not always easy to decide on the perfect mattress for your bed, especially if you’re buying one online and can’t get to try it out first. Consider whether you like one that is firm or soft? Do you like the idea of contoured memory foam or would you prefer something more firm and flexible? Finally, consider your budget – this should point you in the right direction.