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Which Features Make Amethyst Jewelry More Popular?

Which Features Make Amethyst Jewelry More Popular?

The stunning, purple February birthstone, the Amethyst, is famous among gem enthusiasts to take its vintage beauty and mystical powers. According to historical facts, the gemstone has been used for personal adornment for over two thousand years. So, many people still consider wearing Amethyst Jewelry, even if it is not their official traditional birthstone because its purple shades can mesmerize anyone. The ambrosial crystal shades range from purple to an assemblage of red and violet, captivating for its users. Here are some basics about what kind of features make Amethyst jewelry more popular among natural stone lovers. So, keep on reading.

History Of The Amethyst Gemstone

The Amethyst crystal has an interesting history of lore and legend, The word Amethyst has been taken from the ancient Greek word Amethustos, which means sober or not drunk. The ancient Greeks believed that wearing the stone would prevent them from intoxicating.

Whereas the early Egyptians had some beliefs regarding the Amethyst, that the gem contains ambrosial god powers, and placed the stone in tombs of the pharaohs. They also used to exercise this gem in dispelling sleeping disorders and bad dreams.

Where Do The Amethyst Gems Come From?

Amethyst can be found in many locations around the globe, including Brazil, Uruguay, Zambia, and Russia, but Brazil produces high-grade Amethyst that is considered for jewelry creation worldwide.

Amethysts As A Healing Gemstone

Like other gemstones, Amethyst is one of the healing gems throughout the stone world. It attracts soothing and spiritual energies for its wearers and keeps them calm and quiet in their behavior. Further, the ambrosial gem dispels anger and fear, balances the wearer mentally and emotionally, and opens up our intuitive capabilities.

The Amethyst is a perfect gem according to spiritual purpose, as it can control evil thoughts and awaken the wearer’s inner wisdom. Moreover, the gem has the capability to boost your intellectual powers and makes you able to make wise decisions in challenging situations in life.

How Can You Exercise The Amethyst Gemstone?

Now, the question arises of how one can use the Amethyst in a great manner so that the gem can help them form fashion and healing perspectives. However, wearing the gem in different kinds of jewelry pieces is the perfect way to adorn the beauty of the gem-like ring, studs, and pendants. Further, here are some significant ways of styling the Amethyst jewelry; let’s take a look.


The ring is one of the favorite components in ornamental objects, which picks up by every jewel enthusiast as the first choice, because it is easy to care for and carry perspectives. In addition, Amethyst Ring can be a perfect gift choice for your special one if their birthday comes in February. The ring is such an accessory that suits both formal and informal outfits.


You can choose beautifully designed Amethyst Pendants in sterling silver metal, as they can be worn at any party or any occasion at any time because the Amethyst makes them unique and captivating. Moreover, wearing the pendant will allow you to get instant attention from others and leave a remarkable impression on many hearts.


While the Amethyst earrings are a hugely popular choice for gem lovers, when it blends with western wears that give a sober beauty to their wearer. Choose the chic pieces of Amethyst earrings for an evening cocktail party or that will help you provide vintage beauty.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Amethyst gem carries a lot of ambrosial healing and metaphysical powers for its users. Thus, the purple beauty of the gem and its powerful energy can collide to create an excellent tool for transforming life. So, you can browse your selection of Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry at Rananjay Exports.

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