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Why Your Company Needs Tailor Made IT Services

Why Your Company Needs Tailor Made IT Services

You may think that your company is too small or does not have enough money to justify the cost of hiring a full-time IT employee. Well let me tell you why this is false.

It takes 100+ hours per year for your employees to resolve simple issues such as password resets and printer configuration on their own. That’s how much time it would take for the hourly wage of the IT employee to equal out.

Now over a course of 4 years, that can easily be an extra full-time salary tacked onto your payroll that you didn’t plan for. So why do this to yourself? That’s like hiring two employees but only having one work for you at any given time.

Custom IT service and consulting puts a lot of weight on those who would be responsible for the tasks you now give up to technology support. So now they can devote their full-time efforts towards achieving company goals and bettering your business as a whole. A dedicated resource means increased opportunities for revenue generation, cost reduction, efficiency improvement and more.

Custom IT Services is the best route if you want to benefit from an outsourced model while staying in control of your infrastructure. This way you have one point of contact, so your business won’t be left in the dark when it comes to technology support or maintenance. Basically all you would have to do is provide some time for meetings with them and allow them to do what they were assigned to do. Be sure to let them know of any upcoming changes or updates you will be making ahead of time, so there is no miscommunication and both parties are on the same page.

The number one thing I recommend if you decide to go with a service like this is to make sure whoever you go with has a solid prior work history and references you can look into. While this doesn’t mean they won’t let you down, it does mean that there is more accountability on their end. You wouldn’t want to hire someone who’s never done the job before or not know where to put your faith in them for being great at what they do.

At the end of it all, you will be glad you made this decision if you are constantly working with technology. You don’t want to constantly worry about technology breaking down or having performance issues when it’s your main source of revenue generation. To not take advantage of IT services is to not let someone else do what they’re good at while you do what you’re good at. And that’s not what business is about.