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Why Your IT Team Matters Just as Much as Your Technology

Why Your IT Team Matters Just as Much as Your Technology
Programmers cooperating at IT company developing apps

Would you be able to exist without information technology, whether it’s your computer or phone? As information technology becomes more advanced and companies start using software and applications to help run their business model, information technology is becoming more and more important. Without information technology as we know it now, the world as we know it would collapse.

We’re not talking about information technology meaning your computer. Information technology means more than that; information technology is the people who run the programs on those computers that keep everything running smoothly. If information technologists didn’t exist and maintain these programs and systems, nothing would work right. And if they couldn’t figure out how to fix a problem on hand…well, hand in hand with information technology comes information security. Without information security, information technology is essentially useless. No information technologist wants to be responsible for causing a cyber attack because they didn’t keep the system up to date with anti-virus and malware protection.

Information technology is crucial to business now that everything can be done at a click of a button. The information technologists themselves aren’t as visible as other employees in the office, but it’s information technologists who make sure everyone else has all of their information accessible when they need it, whether building a presentation or doing market research. And information technologists work tirelessly behind the scenes without much recognition from others in order to keep those programs running smoothly. No matter how much coding needs to be written and what sort of permissions changes need to be made, information technology is there. Information technologists are integral to the world now more than ever with information technology making its way further into our society. Information technologists make sure that information stays safe and secure for everyone else

In short, information technology has become just as important as all of our information, whether that information lives in files on a server or on your desktop computer at home. And information technologists need to be just as valued by business owners because they’re doing everything they can to keep everyone’s information accessible no matter what the circumstance. Without technological advances thanks to information technology, we’d still be stuck writing things out with pens and pencils instead of turning words into pixels on a screen with beautiful fonts for people to read through quickly and easily. So, information technology team? They’re worth just as much as information itself.