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3 Communication Tools Your Remote Workforce Needs

3 Communication Tools Your Remote Workforce Needs

Having the right communication tools is essential for your business, particularly if your workforce is operating remotely. When face-to-face communication isn’t possible, digital solutions can enhance productivity and increase efficiency. To ensure your organization has access to the right resources, take a look at these three communication tools your remote workforce needs:

1. Slack

Combining instant messaging, voice calls, and video meetups, Slack can streamline your communications and incorporate them in one, easy to use app. Instead of endless email chains, employees can connect with each other instantly via Slack and refer to the messages at any time, which means nothing gets missed or overlooked. 

As well as facilitating one-to-one communication, Slack also makes it easy to create team, project, or department channels, so group communication becomes simple and straightforward. Furthermore, Slack allows you to share documents, images, and much more, which means employees can collaborate with ease. For B2B businesses, you can even invite external users to Slack Connect Channels, to simplify your communication across the board. 

2. Zoom

Zoom has achieved instant popularity in recent months, which isn’t surprising when you consider what the app is capable of. Giving you access to a single platform for video conferences, webinars, phone chats, Zoom’s HD video, and audio makes it easy to connect with people, no matter where they are in the world. 

What’s more – Zoom is easy to set up and easy to use, which is ideal if your staff aren’t particularly tech-savvy. With the ability to host one-to-one meetings or invite up to a hundred users as standard, Zoom can be the perfect tool for startups, small businesses, and major enterprises. 

3. Microsoft Teams

Perhaps one of the most well-known communication tools, Microsoft Teams may seem like an obvious choice if you’re already using other products from the Microsoft Suite. Native integration ensures that OneNote and Office can be used within the Microsoft Teams Chat app, so you never have to worry about missing anything. 

With the ability to create PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents from within Teams, you can share content instantly and invite others to co-author documents in seconds. For employees who need to collaborate regularly, this level of functionality transforms their productivity and facilitates enhanced cohesion between departments. 

Choosing the Right Communication Tools

Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams can all be used on desktops and mobile devices, so why one is right for you? Finding the best remote communication solutions for your organization isn’t always easy, which is why it’s useful to get expert advice. No matter how popular a particular tool is, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will deliver the features and functionality that you need. 

At NOC Technology, we understand that every business is unique, which is why we take a custom approach to our IT services. From helping you to find the right remote communication solutions for your remote workforce to keeping your IT infrastructure secure, we take your tech seriously.