Home Business Hiring an Event Planner for Your Miami Corporate Summer Party

Hiring an Event Planner for Your Miami Corporate Summer Party

Hiring an Event Planner for Your Miami Corporate Summer Party

Summer is the perfect season to kick back and relax, and even in corporate culture, it’s a great time to (appropriately) party. If you’re in charge of planning a corporate summer party in the southeast corner of Florida, event planners in Miami will help you pull off a successful summer blast. Here are a few ideas that they can assist with.

Beach Party

Spend a summer afternoon with everyone on the beach, enjoying the sand, waves, and cool refreshments. Miami’s beaches are perfectly suited for this classic summer event, and a corporate beach party can have a lot more going on than a small get-together that people might throw with family or friends.

Miami event planners Twenty Three Layers note that securing a place on the beach that’s large enough for a corporate party can require some legwork. Not only must you find a suitable location, but sometimes reservations and/or permits are necessary. An event planner can help research all required documentation and make sure the red tape is taken care of.

In addition to helping secure a location, an event planner can also assist with the more major things that could make a corporate beach party stand out. Whether you want an organized volleyball tournament, live DJ, jet ski rentals, or private boat charter, they can work with you to brainstorm ideas and make arrangements.

Brand-Name Party

No matter where your corporate summer party takes place, making bringing in a major brand can make everything more recognizable. Free swag is something that everyone appreciates, and many brands have other equipment or supplies to add to a party. Depending on the agreement, they might even take care of some of the planning.

Event planners are essential when working with major brands. Many brands won’t want to work with anyone outside the event industry, because pulling off a major event between multiple organizations requires experience and expertise. The Miami event planners Twenty Three Layers have worked with many different companies that have sponsored corporate events.

Private Film Showing

For an evening corporate event, set up a projector and screen to show a movie outdoors. Offer freshly popped popcorn and other refreshments, and at least older employees will reminisce of the old days of drive-ins. Just make sure there’s time to mix and mingle before the showing starts so that people have a chance to see each other.

Again, an event planner can assist with both finding a spot for your private film showing and with setting up equipment. They’ll know how large a screen you need to ensure everyone at the event has a good view.

Twenty Three Layers are event planners in Miami that specialize in corporate events. They also have locations in New York and Los Angeles. For wedding planning services, learn more about the 23 Layers sister company Neon River Weddings.  

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