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How To Get Over Someone You Actually Loved


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How to get over someone

As a relationship is an emotional attachment, a breakup can be one of the most painful feelings in our lives. Isn’t it?

That’s why if you broke up, you must learn how to get over someone to live a natural life once again.

Look, if you’re into it then it’s not only you who has faced it but on average, every human being has faced breakup – probably breakups – in life before they find their life partners. So it’s a fact that every one of us has met this pain, at least once in a life.

Before we proceed to the practical tips that people practice to get over someone, let me explain a couple of things quite briefly. So that you could understand why breakups are hurting and why some of the people seem to be unforgettable. Although, that’s not true.

Humans are emotional animals.

– Junaid Raza

It’s a fact that relationships are primarily based on needs, and then we get used to it. One of the most primary reasons for building a strong relationship is one of our basic needs – that’s love. I don’t mean love as a sexual desire only, it can be respect, sympathy, and appreciation.

So whenever someone comes closer to us, he/she is fulfilling one of our basic needs, love. As humans are always hungry for love and appreciation, we start loving that guy.

All these are emotional attachments that usually depend on needs, and once needs are done, we might want to walk away.

The reason can be anything, for example, you’re in a relationship with your co-fellow, classmate, or roommate. As the term ended, you are not close to one another and hence your long-distance relationship might fail.

It always hurts, at least to those whose needs are not being fulfilled appropriately, yet.

That’s why breakups are always painful and people can’t understand easily how to get over someone they loved the most.

Well, I literally understand how to get yourself out of this situation and that’s why these practical tips will help you get over someone to move on and live a normal life.

Give yourself time

I understand that it’s hard getting over someone you loved, but remember that the human mind forgets everything he stores. Or at least the memories will become blurred after some time.

The next question might arise in your mind how much shall it take to forget someone?

It depends on the relationship you had with one another. If it was a long-distance relationship, like social media friendship or something like that in which you didn’t spend a lot of time with one another, then it will take only 11 weeks to get over it.

In such cases, you become habitual of one another and any habit can be changed within 90 days. So will happen with your habit.

The second case can be a bit different. If you had a strong bonding with one another and you lost your loved one somehow, then it’s a bit complicated to forget your loved ones.

In such cases, it takes 3 years to get out of those extreme feelings. Not necessarily you shall entirely forget the guy but you will accept the reality – in simpler words, the wound will heal to a large extent.

Think about that person consciously

You were trying to forget a person and I am inquiring you to think about him/her. You must be getting mad. Isn’t it so?

You might not believe but if you want to get over someone then it’s one of the finest tricks that work in all situations. Consciously try to think about that person – day and night. Focus your mind to think of him/her. And sooner you will realize that you’re getting bored of it. Your mind will ask for something new and for a change.

As repeatedly listening to your favorite song can make you bored, the same is the case here. Our mind doesn’t like too much repetition, the same memories can’t influence us that much as they do in the beginnings.

Get the purpose of your life

Seriously speaking, those who have an aim and purpose in life are less likely to get depressed over such things. They have a scheduled lifestyle and not anything can stop them from proceeding in their lives. That’s why it’s less likely to be painful for them to lose someone.

If you aren’t living a purposeful life, that’s okay, you can find your life purpose now to give yourself a new track.

Life goals and purposes drive self-motivation in us to keep us running, no matter, how hard situations are, we don’t stop because we understand that life is precious and it can’t be wasted in depression.

Get someone else, you truly understand

As we discussed earlier that relationships are primarily based on needs, you might deny it until you understand it.

It might arise in your mind that you loved your significant one without any needs and demands, and if you do believe so then you’re misunderstanding me.

Let’s explain it a bit more for clarification.

We love people because they are fulfilling our needs somehow, for example, someone can be respectful or caring to us, a person can be one who usually appreciates us, a person can be one who listens to us, and a person can be one who offers his/her loving words, in all cases, we are getting love from that person. In all such situations, they are fulfilling our needs.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone who used to abuse you? No matter how beautiful he/she is? Not at all.

So being true to yourself, you must think of all those reasons which are becoming painful. So that you could get a better alternative for those reasons.

Once you’re clear about the reasons, look around you, who can be truly a good alternative for your significant one, start valuing that guy.

Things will start changing sooner.

Meditate regularly

It’s one of the best methods to get yourself out of any tough situation. No matter what you’re doing. Where you’re stuck, mediation gets you out of it.

That’s why I believe that if you want to get over someone you loved, you need to change your focus to something else. And mediation can help you do that.

There is no myth behind meditation, it’s a regular part of self-improvement and it helps you improve your focus.

So it will help you focus on those things that really mean to you, instead of thinking of painful moments. Hence it will become a great tool to get over someone you loved.