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What Can IT Services Do For My Business?

Fee Computer - computer security system and a magnifying glass.

IT companies can help your business by providing the following services: cloud computing, cybersecurity, software migration and break/fix services. By outsourcing some of your service needs to an IT company you can focus on your core business. Your company will also benefit from the cost savings of not needing to hire more employees for IT services, and you’ll get 24/7 support around the clock.

IT companies can help your business by providing cloud computing

Cloud computing is a service that allows businesses to store their data over the internet instead of in-house. Cloud computing allows businesses to access their data and applications from any device, anywhere in the world at any time. The cloud services that an IT company can provide include email hosting, file storage, document sharing and more.

IT companies can help your business by providing cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is protecting your technology infrastructure from viruses and malware attacks which could otherwise destroy your company. IT companies can provide a wide range of cybersecurity services such as network monitoring, security audits and penetration testing to ensure that all your electronic devices are protected from vulnerabilities.

IT companies can help your business by providing software migration

Software migration is moving or upgrading existing software to more modern versions or different platforms such as PC’s and mobile devices. Software migration is important to keep up with the latest technology available in order for businesses to be competitive. IT companies can help your business by providing end-to-end software migration services that include planning, design, development and training to ensure that all your systems are updated properly.

IT companies can help your business by providing break/fix services

Break/fix services are when IT companies repair technology, typically on an as-needed basis. Break/fix services can include fixing broken hardware or software issues, updating security patches, removing viruses and malware and more. By outsourcing break/fix services to an IT company you don’t have to worry about hiring someone with technical expertise for help with your technology, and you’ll have 24/7 access to a team of experts who can provide immediate assistance when needed.

How to Pick the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Portrait of a young man with injured leg at home

Personal injury is an area of legal practice that has seen quite an explosive growth in the last 10 years. It’s not surprising because there are many opportunities to make money by representing people who have suffered serious injuries because of another person’s (or company’s) carelessness or indifference.

It must be stated, however, that there are some pitfalls for someone new to this field. This article discusses some important issues so you may avoid these pitfalls and find the best personal injury lawyer.

There are two main types of personal injury lawyers, those who only represent the victims in criminal cases against drunk or reckless drivers, for example.

The other branch represents people with injuries that do not involve any criminal activity.

The complexities of this area are enough to make your head spin. There are many laws that apply to civil cases, but just as important is knowledge of local practices and procedures in the courthouse where you plan to file your claim. For example there might be a limit on the amount of money you can seek for certain types of injuries in one state and not in another.


The first thing you need to do is make sure your prospective attorney has seen the inside of a courtroom. You don’t want to hire someone who only does paper shuffling for insurance companies or other attorneys. The best personal injury lawyer is someone who has tried cases, won cases and experienced the pressures that come with trying personal injury cases for several years.

You want to hire is one that represents people much like yourself, not just about making money for his law firm.


The second thing is to ask your attorney what percentage he gets from the final settlement. You need to know this because this will directly affect how much you get, and if all goes well, it should be fair compensation for your injuries and suffering.

Contingency fees only come into play if your case is successful. They are popular because they allow poor people to hire a good attorney to represent them. However, there is always the danger of losing the case and not getting paid for their valuable time.

A flat fee means you will pay an agreed upon sum of money whether you win or lose the case. This is more common when the attorney does not think you have a strong case, but he takes it anyhow just to get some experience in this type of litigation.


A final question is how much will it cost for me to hire my own lawyer. A lot has been said about contingency fees, and too many people sign contracts without knowing much about them. It’s an important factor in hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Make sure to find out what you’re signing up for and not commit yourself until you understand the terms of your agreement with this legal representative.

4 Ways to Revamp an Old Pool


Pool revamp is one of those things that has to be done, but no one wants to think about. Sooner or later you’re going to have to deal with it, and odds are you’ll end up having to do it sooner rather than later. Many pool owners live in fear of the day they need a pool renovation because draining an entire pool is an arduous task, but there are things you can do before the big day to make it easier. Take a look at 4 ways to revamp your pool without draining it first.

1 . New Liner

If you have a relatively new pool that has started developing algae or some other issue, you might be able to solve the problem simply by getting a new liner. It’s always best to have the water tested before choosing a liner because if your pool has high levels of chlorine or other chemicals, that can affect what kind of liner you want to use. 

There are different materials for liners that determine how long they will last and how easy they are to maintain. In addition, there are different shades of color available for liners, so you can find one that complements the landscaping around your pool.

2 . New Skimmer

If algae is a persistent problem with your pool and you have tried using chemicals but nothing seems to work, it’s possible that the skimmer is broken. A broken skimmer won’t let cleaner into the pool and that will cause algae problems to form. A new skimmer can give your pool a new lease on life and help you save some money by reducing chemical use.

3 . New Pool Vacuum

If you have an above ground pool, chances are it has a built in pool vacuum. These vacuums tend to break often and when that happens, you can end up with lots of dirt and debris that will make the water in your pool less clear. A new pool vacuum can save you time and money by getting rid of all those nasty things in the bottom of the pool which cause problems for everyone.

4 . New Filter

If your filter is old or needs to be replaced, it can help you get rid of all those tiny particles that escape the skimmer and drain. When filters are new, they can remove smaller items which makes it easier for the pool cleaner to do its job. Some pools require sand filters while others use cartridges that can be swapped out for new ones.

4 Common First Date Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Disgusted woman rejecting a geek boy offering flowers in a blind date in a coffee shop interior

On average, a single person will go on more than 41 dates each year. With that many dates in your future or less, if you find the right one, it’s essential you understand common first date mistakes so you can avoid them.

From locations for dates to the topics, you should discuss there are some mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. Check out these first-date non-nos below.

1. Being Rude to Staff

When you’re rude to the staff waiting on you, not only does it speak volumes about your character to your date, it makes you seem entitled. Sometimes, the staff waiting on you aren’t providing the quality of service you’d expect during a date, but this doesn’t give you the right to be rude to them.

If you find yourself in this type of situation, speak with your date and make it known you disagree with the service you’re receiving. From there, you both can decide if it’s worth saying something about it so as not to ruin the remainder of the date.

2. Remaining Quiet and Not Starting Conversation

It’s natural for you and your date to be nervous about meeting each other during first dates, but this nervousness shouldn’t make you feel as if you need to remain quiet the entire time. Not starting a conversation or not asking questions might make your date feel as if you’re not interested in them or the date.

If it continues, chances are your date will lose interest in a second date or getting to know you at all. Ensure you’re asking questions and actively participating in the conversation you’re having during dinner.

Think about some first-date conversation topics ahead of time, so the only lull in conversation is when you’re eating your food.

3. Rambling About Your Ex

One of the top tips for a first date is don’t ever ramble on and on about your ex. It’s okay to mention why things didn’t work in the past, but focus on the future you have with your date.

The only time you should go in-depth about your ex is if your date asks a specific question about it. When you continue to talk about your ex, your date will get the idea that you’re not over them and have no interest in playing a part in this love triangle.

4. Constantly Being on Your Phone

There are several locations for dates, and none of them call for you to be on your phone unless you’re on a scavenger hunt. Much like not asking questions or participating in the conversation, being on your phone shows your date that you’re not interested in them or the date.

If you’ve got to check your phone and can’t ignore it, excuse yourself from the date and apologize when you’re done with your phone call.

Common First Date Mistakes

There are a number of common first date mistakes you should avoid if you want to make it to your second date. Do your best to stay off your phone and don’t talk about your ex unless you’ve been asked about them.

Before you get ready for your next date, check out some of the other posts in this section.

Investing in the Metals Markets: A Quick Guide


There are 17 rare Earth elements that are great investments and provide trading opportunities for investors. These precious metals are responsible for many products that many people use daily. Many want the chance to be on the ground floor of the metals market by investing in rare earth metals, as they feel is a profitable investment with many applications.

The most notable area on the planet with rare Earth materials is China. The country has been the lead producer of rare Earth metals since 2020. While other countries are able to produce these metals, analysts believe demand for rare Earth metals will increase in 2021 and beyond as more products get produced for different markets.

Want to learn more about how to invest in the metals market? Lots of investors can pull in a large income by investing in rare metals. Read our quick guide to investing in rare earth metals and find out how they do it. 

What are Rare Earth Metals?

Rare earth metals are metals that are produced from the ground and used to make products such as vehicles, cell phones, computers, and more.

Cerium and neodymium are two of the best rare metals used in F-35 fighter jets by the US Department of Defense. Other similar rare metals get used for other types of technology that is always in high demand.

There are 17 rare metals to invest in, with some that get used for the production of electric vehicles and other clean energy technology. Gold is another example of a metal that many consider precious and profitable. You can discover how gold garners demand during unprecedented times by reading more about it at https://www.raremetalblog.com/birch-gold-group/.

Investing in rare metals can give investors opportunities to profit from different industries. The interest in this has grown over the years and continues to grow into 2022 and beyond.

Ways to Invest in the Sector

Because China has become the most recent leader in the production of rare Earth metals, many companies have moved to the country since 2010. An important issue is the pricing of rare Earth metals while investing money during a changing supply and demand. This influences companies in the production of new technology and consumer products.

Mining and recycling metals is an extra way for companies investing in rare metals for new opportunities. This is especially true for countries located outside of China.

Besides production, gathering metals and refining them for use is an appealing investment. Mining companies are a viable alternative for investors looking into when they want other options. 

Investing in Rare Earth Metals

Hopefully, our quick guide on investing in rare earth metals will help give you a better idea of why companies want to get involved with the industry. There is a lot of room to grow in the industry for many locations, providing a lot of opportunities to invest. You can read more articles on business productivity and relationships at InspiredN.

What Is A Network Audit And When Do You Need One?

Networking service. network engineer administrator checking server hardware equipment of data center

The analogy is simple: your network is like your body. If financial health is essential to individuals, network health must be crucial to organizations. Unless you look after your network and regularly assess its performance, it’s prone to cyber threats and attacks. But how do you evaluate your network performance? You audit it. 

Network auditing is the process of examining your network to identify risks and judge its performance. According to managed IT services Sydney, there are two ways to audit: do it yourself through an in-house auditor or outsource it. Regardless of how you do it, you need to know when your network is up for an audit, just as you’d know when your body is ripe for a medical checkup. 

This article provides you with the necessary details about network auditing, what it means, when you need it, and how you should go about doing it for your company. 

Network Auditing: What Does It Mean? 

Network auditing is a series of actions or procedures needed to analyze, study, and gather network data for risk identification, management, and resolution. As an assessment measure, it provides insights into the effectiveness of network control and ensures network compliance and practices. 

When auditing, you’re most likely looking for the security, management, and performance of your network. You’re also running an analysis of your information system to gather data for network review and improvement. 

In summary, auditing is the assessment of: 

  • Network nodes 
  • Network control 
  • Network management 
  • Network security 
  • Network measures 
  • Network practices 

Each assessment aims to optimize inventory hardware, software, and network services. It’s also carried out to ensure networking issues meet organizational and global compliance. That way, you can quickly identify risks, correct them, and implement effective network strategies. 

How Do You Perform A Network Audit? 

Network auditing can be internal or external. Internal auditing is done within a company while external auditing is often outsourced to managed service providers (MSPs). Regardless, each form follows the same steps and procedures such as: 

  • Plan: The first step is to plan how you want to audit. This is the stage where you set out the details and objectives. 
  • Document: The second step is to document the process and measures associated with the audit. 
  • Review: The third step is to review the network management system and security practice for risk identification and log problems. 
  • Assess: The fourth is to assess training logs and operations such as access points, encryptions, firewall holes, and other related systems. 
  • Confirm and Test: The final step is to confirm your audits and test your network for operational efficiency. 

Throughout the steps, you have to engage in good team communication and ensure sensitive information isn’t compromised. 

Low angle portrait of African American data engineer holding digital tablet while working with supercomputer in server room lit by blue light, copy space

When Do You Need A Network Audit? 

Knowing the right time to audit your network can be tricky, but it doesn’t always have to be. Just as your body shows signs and symptoms, your network does the same. You only need to look for these indications to begin network auditing. Some of these signs include: 

1. Inconsistency 

When your network becomes inconsistent, it’s telling you to go for an audit. This inconsistency could be in the form of a network outage or other latency issues that stall the effective operation of your applications, client engagement, and user accessibility. 

2. Outdated System 

Technological trends are forever shifting. So, if your network isn’t applying modern tools or practices, it’s likely to become outdated. An outdated network system is old-fashioned and less functional. To keep it alive again or revive its operation, you’ll need to run an audit. 

3. Non-Compliance 

Networks today are part of cloud computing, which is a global system. So, when your network doesn’t comply with international security measures, it’s prone to cyberattacks. To avoid such a scenario, you need to conduct an audit. Also, an audit is necessary if you’re regulating your network to meet organizational needs. 

4. Non-Optimal System 

You enjoy loads of benefits when your network is fully optimized. Optimization ensures network efficiency, good data management, and keeps costs below your budget. But to achieve this, you’ll need a regular network audit. Auditing your network periodically keeps it upgraded and refreshed for optimization. 


A network audit is crucial to organizations as it guarantees improved network health and wellness. While networks can be audited internally or externally, processes and procedures are the same. Getting familiar with network audit is one thing, and knowing when to audit is another. But there are always signs, so you should look for the indications before auditing a network. 

How Task Automation Optimizes Workforce Allocation


A productive workforce will be able to take on more tasks that add value to the bottom line. Reaching this optimal point to which your workforce operates is an art and takes careful management and use of a goal setting template to achieve. 

The conversation about how technology can impact workforce productivity has taken center stage in recent years. While some people believe that technology will eventually replace the human workforce in a lot of cases, this can never be entirely true. In essence, technology complements the human workforce in a multitude of different ways. Companies that have integrated technology into their operations are likely to increase the productivity of their workforce considerably. 

One significant component that has helped to optimize workforce allocation is task optimization software. This is where repetitive tasks and those that follow a defined structure can run without human intervention. Task automation has optimized the workforce in the following ways: 

  1. By freeing up human resource 

The majority of tasks in an organization are recurring or repetitive. These tasks always follow the same structure from beginning to completion. So, when your employees focus on such tasks, they spend more time on them and less time on the bigger tasks that impact profitability for the businesses. While these repetitive tasks are wholly necessary, they don’t always require your team to handle them. (1)

Thanks to technology, you can use software from providers like Jobber to automate tasks such as file distribution, data uploading, backup, and invoicing. This means your team will spend significantly less time handling these often time-consuming activities and be freed up to work on the more impactful parts of the business. (1)(2)

  1. Through scheduling automation 

Managing scheduling for large teams of workers can be hugely complex, time-intensive, and subject to human error. If you are responsible for the appointments of multiple technicians out in the field for example, not only do you need to take into consideration that each service request needs to be fulfilled, but that they must be allocated according to skillset, correct working hours, proximity to the job etc. In these cases, scheduling the process can take longer than the actual work itself which makes operational costs high. (3)

Job scheduling software is designed specifically to streamline and automate the whole process. Smart technology is able to take into account employees’ skillsets, working hours, days off and other factors. This way, it becomes possible to schedule the right employees for the right jobs, at the right time, and with the right team. It can even mean that team members can pick the tasks that they want without managerial oversight. (3)

  1. Through flexible schedules for better employee retention 

Workforce allocation largely depends on the number and skills of your employees. Employee retention is a crucial part of any organization as it is the talent of the people that makes your workforce productive. Be conscious to always look for ways to improve employee retention rates, identifying what motivates people to work and how they can be incentivized. 

About 90% of workers say a flexible schedule is effective at boosting morale and is a contributing factor to deciding to stay at an organisation. (4)

Task automation means that you don’t have to worry about manually managing a flexible schedule. By automating the scheduling process, employees can manage their own schedules, allocating tasks based on open shifts. Productivity is enhanced as a consequence. 

  1. By making processes scalable 

Some businesses still work with processes they have used for years. While this has proven that it works, it may not necessarily be the most efficient way of doing things. Regularly reviewing the way you project manage your internal processes will ensure that you are engaging with what you are doing and identifying ways in which things can be done better.   

By automating the simple and repetitive tasks, time is used to much better effect. There is more time available to take on more projects as well as greater time available to service other areas of the business, where the overall level of output can be enhanced. (2)

  1. By leveraging remote workforce 

By enabling a remote workforce, you stand in a strong position to recruit the best talent as you are less restricted by geographical location. With the right tools, collaboration and communication on projects can be easy. Engaging in a remote workforce is a business model that has been shown to increase productivity while keeping overhead costs to a minimum. (5)

Automation helps with a seamless workflow, communication, tracking of projects, and keeping team members up to date. Some businesses have successfully taken the step to go completely virtual to save on operational costs. (5)


As technology takes center stage in business operations, adopting automation should be a priority. Businesses are becoming more competitive, and to continue operating within the space, you need an empowered and enabled workforce that can compete to the same standard or higher. Therefore, use task automation as an opportunity to increase your business productivity wherever possible.


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How to Save My Marriage: 10 Tips to Get Your Relationship Back on Track

save my marriage
Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/5BB_atDT4oA

If you find yourself constantly Googling “how to save my marriage,” you’re not alone. Rough patches happen in any marriage (even the best ones!), but saving your marriage is 100 percent possible. As long as you’re both committed to each other and making it work, you can find ways to reconnect and get your marriage back on track. 

Here are 10 tips for saving your marriage and getting things back on track:

1. Identify the Problem

Are you having the same argument over and over? Are you feeling lonely? Has there been a break in trust? Talk to each other about what has changed since you got married and how it’s impacting your relationship. (Both as a couple and individually.)

2. Make the First Move for Help

If “how to save my marriage” keeps going through your head, the best thing you can do is bring it up to your spouse. Sometimes, couples will go about daily life knowing they aren’t happy, but still avoid talking about it, which can lead to resentment. It’s okay to be the first one to bring it up! 

3. Listen More, Talk Less

Active listening skills are crucial. The next time your spouse is talking, try to stop, put down the phone, make eye contact, and truly listen to what they have to say. If you don’t make the effort to understand where your spouse is coming from, you’ll never be able to resolve your issues.

4. Stop Keeping Score

Saying something like, “You never fold the laundry, I always do,” is considered “keeping score.” No matter how insignificant a comment like that may seem, it’s hurting your marriage! (And it’s bound to lead to a lot of resentment.) Remember that you’re a team, not competitors. 

5. Take a Look at Your Own Actions

When it comes to saving your marriage, self-reflection is key. Be honest with yourself about which of your actions have led to problems in your marriage. (It’s not all on your spouse.)

6. Get Rid of Toxic Behaviors

What are some telltale toxic behaviors you both need to cut out of your relationship? Do your arguments always result in yelling at each other? Does one of you tend to speak to the other condescendingly? Small changes can make a huge difference, and it starts with cutting out those seemingly insignificant (yet impactful) toxic behaviors.

7. Show Effort, Even When Things Are Tough

A little effort, even on your worst days, can spark gratitude in your spouse and help improve your bond. For example, surprise them by making their favorite dinner or grab their favorite bottle of wine on the way home from work. You’ll be amazed at how much it improves your moods!

8. Find New Ways to Rekindle the Spark

Reigniting the bedroom spark is important, but so is rekindling the emotional closeness that made you fall in love. Try planning a getaway or night out, just the two of you. Recreate your honeymoon trip or first date, plan a couples retreat, or find a local city you haven’t explored and have a staycation in a hotel.

9. Be Patient

If you’re committed to sticking with your spouse for better or worse, you’ll need to power through the tough times, no matter how long it takes. Give yourselves time to work it out — it’s not going to happen overnight!

10. Talk to a Therapist

If you’re constantly searching the internet for “how to save my marriage,” a therapist might be the best option. Seeking help from a professional therapist or relationship coach is in no way a sign of failure. It shows that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to save your marriage.


If you’re not sold on the idea of traditional therapy, you can consider turning to Relish, a relationship coaching app. Relish offers all the perks of traditional therapy with added convenience and flexibility. Not only are the quizzes, insights, and lessons tailored to your specific needs, but you’re also put in touch with expert relationship coaches that you can message any time of day.

Remember that going through a tough time doesn’t signal the end of your marriage! It’s natural for couples to have their ups and downs, especially if you’ve been together a long time. Marriage can be complicated, but the love you have for each other will help you overcome your struggles and move forward together. 

Elements Of A Well Designed Business Website


If you’re taking responsibility for your own business website, there are a few things you should know before you begin.  Designing a website is doable for just about anyone today, but that doesn’t mean a simple template will take you very far.  

There’s more to a good design than just filling in a few blanks on a template.  Take a moment now to read through a brief compilation of a few tips on some of the most important elements of a well designed business website, and start making new connections online.  

Contact pages are important

When you’re building a business website, it simply won’t be complete without a well-equipped contact page.  Adding a contact page to your website is essential for providing the digital link consumers need to further their connection with your company.  

Your contact page should be equipped with four or more different ways for visitors to contact your organization.  You could also spruce up your page by adding a map for visual connection and a contact form to gather email addresses.  

Answer people’s questions

Your business website should be a reliable source of clarity for web users looking to learn more about your operation.  You need a “frequently asked questions” page within your website map.  A good FAQ page will serve to give users a little more inside info to keep them informed.  

Even a simplistic FAQ page will be helpful for users if you are meticulous with your menagerie of questions.  Take a look at this electroheat induction FAQ page and how it lays out some of the most basic questions for people who don’t know much about the technology.  

Add social media to the mix

Social media is an essential part of a well-built business website, because it provides a bridge between your site and the open world of social media.  Social media sharing buttons provide an opportunity for your visitors to do a little marketing for your business.  

Every share is a valuable link to a new pool of consumers.  Those tiny little sharing buttons don’t take up much space in the design, but they sure do pack a punch.  

Learn to incorporate SEO

Designing a winning website design means that you’ve taken the time to brush up on the concepts of search engine optimization.  SEO is just a simplified umbrella term for a long list of details you should observe as you design your website.  
If you want your pages to place high in the SERPs (search engine results pages), then you’ll need to learn to craft with SEO in mind.  SEO is about visibility and making it easy for web users to find your resources online.

Data Management Tips for Small Remote Businesses


Long before the COVID-19 pandemic popularized remote working, an increasing number of businesses had effectively implemented the “work-from-home” practice. With the use of data management tools, small businesses with remote policies can lower organizational costs, boost employee productivity, and reduce employee turnover.

Without a doubt, data has become an invaluable resource for modern businesses that rely on insights gained from data analytics for strategic decision-making; however, many other businesses are yet to jump on the data train. The underutilization or mismanagement of data can put a severe dent in a business’s bottom line. In this article, you’ll find valuable data management tips for small remote businesses.

Implement secure cloud storage solutions.


Many companies with work-from-home practices adopt cloud storage solutions to save data securely online. That way, remote workers who are granted permission can access the files anytime from any location via an internet-enabled device and send and retrieve data online from a remote data server. What’s more, cloud storage serves as an efficient off-site data backup tool and is a great way to back up data to enable recovery off-site.

As a small remote business owner, you can keep your company files stored with a cloud computing services provider and still have real-time access on any internet-connected device. Additionally, you can use cloud storage to archive files that you don’t access frequently whilst the cloud storage provider retains and maintains all the essential hardware and software.

When choosing cloud storage, opt for a reputable vendor with years of experience in the industry. Alternatively, consider creating a mobile application that facilitates data sharing and team collaboration. If you’re not tech-savvy, you can outsource your software project to a software development company like Sunvera Software, which is a market leader in the software development industry based in Orange County. The software development company specializes in providing mobile application development services and is an expert in helping small companies build innovative web applications for solving complex problems. 

The bottom line is that cloud storage can help with your data storage needs, ultimately saving you substantial expenses on building on-premise data storage infrastructure. What’s more, you can always scale up or down as your data storage needs change.

Prioritize security.

Data stored both on a physical disk or in a cloud server is susceptible to many risk factors that include incessant hacks. This has become a major concern for businesses that store sensitive data in the cloud. Certainly, cloud computing has become more prevalent for many reasons, including speed and efficiency, cost savings, performance, increased productivity, and security. However, security risks for data stored in the cloud are just as common. Thankfully, various proven strategies exist for enhancing security.

Cloud security comprises all activities aimed at protecting data stored on cloud-computing platforms from leakage, data loss, deletion, and theft. Both hybrid and remote companies alike adopt cloud security measures like penetration testing, virtual private networks (VPN), two-factor authentication (2FA), tokenization, obfuscation, and firewalls to protect data stored online.

Incorporate data analytics.


As mentioned earlier, the underutilization of data can have far-reaching consequences on the business’s bottom line. Data analytics encompasses techniques and processes adopted to analyze raw data and glean actionable insights from them. It plays a critical role in helping a small remote business drive strategy and optimize its performance. With data analytics, business users can discover trends and metrics from the data collected and later use those insights to optimize product offerings and enhance the overall efficiency of the business.

Implementing data analytics into your business model can help you save operating costs by identifying cost-effective ways of running your remote startup. As a business owner, you can also leverage data analytics to make informed business decisions.