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25 Work from Home Opportunities for Beginners


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More recently, work on the Internet seemed like something strange, and for some, it was an unachievable dream. However, the global pandemic erased such an attitude towards remote work, and everyone began to think that is exactly what they need. If you can work from home today, why not start doing it?

This is not only convenient but can often bring higher income than office work. Moreover, you can digitize your profession and start working at a comfortable pace, without the need for hour-long public transport trips to your office. Not sure what to do on the Internet? We have prepared for you 25 work from home jobs that you should pay attention to.

25 Online Jobs for Beginners in Digital Area

Remote work has many benefits, and everyone probably knows about them. It’s about flexibility in schedules, decent pay, and the ability to learn new things. In addition to all this, you do not need to waste your precious time to get to the office and often the salary is much higher than in offices. Isn’t this a dream?

Of course, there are some drawbacks, but over time they disappear if you learn time management and get used to the new schedule. However, you can combine remote work with the main one to understand whether such a work schedule is right for you or not.

Below you will find a list of 25 work from home jobs, among which you can find what will be perfect for you.

Some professions will require specialized education, but due to the global pandemic, the cost of training is much cheaper than it was a couple of years ago. Some professions do not require any skills, you just need a computer and an internet connection, so they can be the starting point for a new career. Perhaps lockdown is what you need to start a new life?

1. Survey Taker

If you want to start working on the Internet but do not know where to start, then surveys are a good option for additional income. Doing this as your main job is not the best option, but as a side job that will take quite a bit of time is a great option.

You can earn up to $200 per month this way. Usually, they pay both in cash and through PayPal. Some platforms have a bonus program where each point is equivalent to cash. That is, when you have a sufficient number of points, you can exchange them for money. Pay attention to platforms like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and Branded Surveys.

2. Telephone Nurse

If you have a nursing diploma, then you can easily transfer your activities to the online mode. On average, you can earn about 60 thousand dollars a year.

Such specialists lead their patients online, monitor their vital signs, and so on. To find such a job, look for vacancies at clinics or medical centers. Typically, such specialists are required full-time.

3. Transcriber

Such specialists are engaged in converting audio and video formats to text. It may seem that this is very simple, but in practice, everything is a little more complicated.

However, this does not mean that you should not start a career in this direction. At least the first thing you need to start with is to be able to quickly and efficiently type text. However, to advance in this direction, specialized equipment will also be required.

For a start, you can try taking simple tasks to understand how everything works. As for payment, on average it is $15 per hour, and with the appropriate work experience, the hourly rate can reach over $30.

4. Virtual Assistant

If you are familiar with the duties of a consultant or secretary, then this may come in handy in the online sphere. You can become a virtual assistant from the comfort of your home. The main secret to success in this area is organization and self-management since you will have to do this for others.

Usually, such assistants are engaged in sending emails, maintaining correspondence, social networks, keeping track of the deadlines for completing some tasks, and so on. On average, an hourly fee can range from $10 to $15. But you can find vacancies where personal assistants’ salaries can be much higher.

5. Website Tester

Before each site is opened to all users of the network, it must work perfectly. Often, webmasters make some mistakes, and so on. Website testers are responsible for analyzing the ways the website works and finding the glitches that need to be fixed. At the same time, there is no need for specialized education, but it is enough just to be a confident PC and Internet user.

Typically, testing a site takes about half an hour, and one such test can get you about $15. If you continue to evolve in this direction, you will be able to retrain as a UX tester, and then the salary will be quite different.

6. Internet Marketer

If the field of Marketing is familiar to you, then it’s time to transfer your skills to the Internet. Internet marketers are in need in today’s digitalized environment. As for the salary, it will be much higher than that of the ordinary marketer.

Firstly, you can cooperate with several companies at once. Secondly, you can set your hourly rate yourself. So if the Internet and social networks are not something new for you, then you can very quickly relocate your work to an online format.

7. Qkids Tutor

This site is a good opportunity to start making money in online education. You can get about $22 an hour for teaching children in China. To do this, you do not need to know the language at all, and a bachelor’s degree in education is enough.

Working on this platform implies a flexible schedule, and you will need to choose the direction in which you are well versed. According to feedback from members, this platform can become a full-fledged source of income, and at the same time, you will have a lot of free time.

8. Rover

If you have free time and you are just crazy about animals, then why not start getting paid for it? Not every owner has time to look after their pets, and they need help. If you think that finding customers is very difficult, then with a platform like Rover it can be solved in a few clicks. All you need to do is register, create a profile, and tell about your services.

Perhaps your neighbor needs help with his dogs for a long time, so if you like such busyness, then do not waste time. Register and set tariffs for your services.

9. Focus Group Expert

Participation in focus groups is a good opportunity to get money in a short time. For example, in just two hours of your time, you can get from $100. This kind of work suits mothers on maternity leave and they are often the employees of such focus groups. Also, such work implies new acquaintances and communication with other people.

Check out platforms like FieldWork or Confero to try your hand at this field. You will definitely like the money-to-time ratio.

10. Translator

If you know a foreign language, then you can find a translator vacancy that does not imply a trip to the office. Translators are always needed, and with the emergence of numerous sites that strive for multilingualism, good specialists are in great demand.

You can either become a personal virtual translator or translate all kinds of articles or even documentation. You can be both a full-time employee and work half-time with companies that work in the field of PR, SEO, and so on. You can even start collaborating with YouTube channels and create subtitles for them in foreign languages.

11. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are still in demand in the job market and are well paid. You can be a remote worker in one company or take on several customers. If you have specialized education and you are not self-taught, then the doors to large companies, where there will be a higher salary level are open for you.

But you can work on freelance terms as well. For example, create several logos a week and get good pay. You can take a look at the tasks in this field and the approximate level of payment at Upwork.

12. Web Designer

Perhaps this is one of the most demanded professions, and training in this specialization can be recouped almost from the first order. As you understand, to be in demand you need to learn how to do your job well. However, given the worldwide pandemic, many online schools offer good tuition discounts. And if you already know a little about this area, then you can pump your skills using free resources.

Without a doubt, the demand for quality websites will be very high in the next decade, so it makes sense to retrain. When it comes to income, there are no boundaries. You can work as a full-time employee or be a freelancer and earn even more.

13. Writer

Perhaps one of the most widespread professions on the Internet is writing. As for making money, it all depends on your experience and your skills, but becoming a freelance writer is not difficult. There are many text exchanges where you take a job and complete it and companies that are looking for third-party specialists.

Therefore, if it is not difficult for you to write cool text, try yourself as a writer. There are also many different courses where you can get a deeper specialization. Go to Upwork and grab your first order to start making money with words.

14. Tutor

The need for online teachers is growing more than ever. Whether you have teaching experience or not, you can become an online teacher. Perhaps you know a foreign language well or play the guitar perfectly. You can place a private ad or search for a vacancy.

Also, you probably noticed that today there are a lot of all kinds of online courses, and if you can do something that others cannot, why not create your own course? You can even create an author’s course on knitting or all kinds of workshops. Therefore, the education sector has no boundaries in terms of activities.

15. Blogger

Blogging is a great option for those who want to try changing jobs without any investment. All you have to do is choose a place where you will share your knowledge, experience, or simply life. Today it can be both social networks and your own blog. All you need is to come up with what you will write about and develop in this area. If you do not know how to create texts, then you may hire a freelance writer.

Blogging implies follow-up earning opportunities. You can connect affiliate marketing or simply advertise products or services.

16. YouTuber

The next option in blogging is to create your own YouTube channel. If you are a creative person, then it will not be difficult for you to come up with interesting content. This type of blogging also does not require any investment, and at first, you can earn by the number of views.

When you have a stable income from views, then various brands or other channels will begin to contact you to provide advertising. When you move to this stage of earning, you will begin to receive impressive amounts, and YouTube may well become your only and favorite place of work.

17. Medical Coder

This profession is a popular work from home option and it is well paid. The essence of this profession lies in the fact that a specialist looks through the medical cards of clients in order to check whether a particular diagnosis has been correctly established. All this is done to correctly assess the sum insured.

However, in order to become such a specialist, you will need to complete specialized courses that are available both offline and online. Some companies hire these professionals both part-time and full-time online. Such specialists are always in demand and will not sit idle.

18. Call Center Agent

If you are familiar with working in ordinary call centers, then there are no barriers to working right at home. Most companies want their remote employees to have the experience, but you can still find jobs for complete newbies.

On the technical side, you usually need good Wi-Fi and headphones with a microphone.

Employers usually provide training, so if you are not repulsed by communication with people, then you can safely try yourself in this direction. With regard to the salary, here it may vary depending on your experience and your employer.

19. Search Engine Evaluator

Feel like being the whole one with the Internet and its algorithms? It’s time to start getting paid for it and not just waste your time. Have you ever thought about the fact that someone can make about $40,000 a year just for looking at how search engines work?

Becoming such a specialist will require web research skills and analytical thinking. You will also need to pass a specialized exam before becoming an analyzer, but if you have an understanding of how search engines work and are well versed in all the related SEO specifics, then you may well get the position of such a specialist. Evaluators typically work only 35 hours a week and are flexible, so it’s definitely worth a try.

20. Proofreader

As for this specialization, there are no limits on earnings, as this will depend on many different factors. But as you understand, you must have excellent grammar knowledge so that you can check the texts of other people. Your task is identifying mistakes and optimizing the text.

If you work as a teacher, you can easily combine this activity with your main job and soon make such remote work your main source of income. All companies that work with the text need proofreaders – whether it is an online store that needs to promote business or a company that deals with PR.

21. Babysitter

In the context of a global pandemic, babysitting services are becoming very relevant. Many parents have to go to work while kindergartens or schools are closed. If you love children and have free time, why not promote your services on the Internet? There you can find a large number of clients rather than through word of mouth.

You can advertise your services both on social networks and on specialized platforms such as Care.com. You may be surprised, but the Internet will bring you a lot of new clients, and you will not be running out of money.

22. Social Media Manager

Surely you have heard of such a profession since with the advent of Instagram, this activity has become very popular. The advantage is that you don’t need any special training. The main thing is to know the rules of social networks and how everything works. If you are interested in a specific social network, then you can become an expert exclusively on this platform.

Many companies have full-time employees who will deal with social networks and involve third-party specialists. Therefore, you can be either an in-house or remote employee and work with different customers. Depending on experience, wages can go up to $120 per hour.

23. Facebook Ads Specialist

This type of activity is one of the highest paying jobs today. Of course, the payment for such services will vary depending on your experience and so on, but nevertheless, this vacancy is worth the attention of everyone who wants a stable and high income.

Some manage to learn the basics of this profession without any education, but it is better to take training courses to be absolutely confident in the capabilities of the world’s largest social platform. The advantage of this profession is that you do not need to be tied to your city or country, as you can set up such ads all over the world. And this in turn erases the limits of how much you can earn.

24. Microtasker

Can those who work with their hands make money via the Internet? This is not only possible but also a must-take step. Such a community as TaskRabbit is the place where you can constantly find clients. This platform connects clients with craftsmen who work in different fields. This can be both cleaning and repairing household appliances or construction work.

Although this is not a completely remote work format, it is a good option for those who are engaged in manual labor and want to expand their client base. Check out the platform information, get started, and reach out to your first customer.

25. Travel Agent

Today there is no problem to start working as a travel agent remotely. As you can imagine, such agents are dedicated to helping those wishing to find the tours of their dreams and helping them organize the best vacation.

You can either work for hire or complete education under The Travel Institute program. This certification will make you more competitive, and you will earn much more than those agents who work for hire. But you can proceed to this training after you have worked a little in this area, but still, such training will be a good step up the career ladder in this area.

The Final Verdict

Jobs from home have never been as demanded as they are today. If earlier, only those who quickly reacted to the changing environment could work on the Internet, today this type of work is becoming available to almost everyone.

If you are disciplined and work from home is not difficult for you, then this format is what you need. The main thing is that you can try this kind of work without the need for dismissal.

Try online vacancies in your spare time or on weekends, and then you can make the final decision whether this format suits you or not. But most likely, you will be delighted with pleasant surprises an online work has been prepared for you!