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What to look out for when getting custom paper labels printed


If you’ve ever printed custom paper labels for your business, then you know how important it is to find a trustworthy company. Custom labels should be both durable and high quality, so make sure the company you choose will be the best fit for the project! Here are some things to consider when selecting a label printer:

Quality of materials used in the printing process

One of the most important factors when choosing a label printer is to find one that uses high-quality materials in the printing process. The label paper, the adhesive used, and even the ink should all be top-notch for an excellent finished product that won’t let you down under pressure! In addition, a quality printing supplier will likely offer a variety of paper types, thicknesses, and colors for printing.

The quantity they can offer

Another essential factor when looking for a custom label printer is to find one that offers the quantity you need. Printing in small batches is fine, but if you want to print larger quantities, then be sure that your supplier can handle the workload. The last thing you’d want is to run into a bottleneck with your label printing and have to wait forever for your order to be completed!

Printing and shipping timeframes

Another critical factor to consider when choosing a label printer is the timeframe for each order to get printed and shipped out. If you’re looking for an expedited turnaround time, then be sure to communicate this with your label printer beforehand so there won’t be any issues on their end! It also helps to judge how long an order might take based on the company’s regular turnaround times and order volume.

Price and competitive edge

The price tag that comes with any label printer’s services is also essential to consider, but not the only thing you should look at—there is always a wide range of prices just as there’s a range of quality! So if you are searching for a cheaper option, find one that meets your needs instead of getting the cheapest or most expensive printing service. It’s also good to see if your label printer offers any promotions—you could end up saving money in the long run!

Location of printer

Another factor to consider when choosing a label printer is the geographical location of the printing company. If you are looking to save a bit of money on shipping costs, then be sure to select a local label printer to cut those costs even further!

The option to get a sample sent out

You want to make sure that they print out exactly how you want them. If you wanted to make sure the custom labels would print out exactly how you want them, ask the printing company if they could provide a sample of your project before they printed it. It’s also a good idea to see the quality of the paper they are using, as this can give clues about how durable it will be in its final form.

Customer service

When it comes to your label printing, you want the printer to be as flexible as possible. If they have a customer service line so you can ask questions or see how long an order might take, this is a good sign that they will be willing to work with you and help out whenever you need them! Communication is critical when it comes to label printing services!

If you have poor communication, then you will be met with poor service and poor results. A good label printer or any other company for that matter should always provide you with the following:

  • A reasonable time frame to work within your deadline
  • Clear instructions on what they can and cannot print
  • Samples of your labels, if needed
  • An estimated timeframe on when you should expect it all

Do they have a range of services?

When choosing a label printer, the last thing to consider is whether they offer different services—not just label printing. A company that has provided and printed custom labels for years might also help out with other office needs such as designing, cutting, and even shipping! It’s good to see if they can provide more than one service so you can get all your office needs taken care of with just one company!

For example, they may have more luxury options such as foil stamping. This would appeal to higher-end clients. While it may be more costly, it would likely be more appealing, and you could even charge more and get access to different clientele by offering foil printing options.

Choosing a label printer can be tricky, but if you take the time to find a high-quality and reliable one, then your custom labels will turn out great! We hope our article was helpful to give you some insight into how to choose an excellent printing company. Happy labelling!

Unique Gifts for Devoted Cat Moms


Pet parents are some of the most loving and dedicated people on the planet. Just because their child has four legs instead of two, doesn’t make them any less important or loved. Some of the best pet parents are cat owners. When you have a friend or family member in your life with a beloved cat, it can be fun to buy them some unique and special gifts when their birthday or the holidays come around.

Giving the perfect gift is almost like a game that you always want to win. It’s exciting when you find that perfect present that is completely personalized for that individual. For someone who loves their cat and is a devoted pet parent, that special gift can be a trinket, token, or practical item for their fur baby. As you’re looking for the perfect present, here are some creative ideas for the cat mom in your life.

Fun Cat Houses for the Fur Baby

Sometimes the best gift for a pet parent is a present their fur baby is sure to love. A great example is a cardboard cat house that they’ll actually use. Get an eco-friendly cat house in the shape of a pirate ship, pineapple, or cat castle. You can also find great toys and scratchers that their feline will be sure to love and appreciate. Assembly is easy and fun so you can put it together yourself or let your friend or family member have fun creating this look for their pet. These are creative, unique cat homes that can give a great, dynamic look to your kitty’s home.

Creative Clothes for Mom

Unfortunately, there is a negative stereotype of the “crazy cat mom.” But you know your friend or family member is just as cool and stylish while being a great parent to her kitty. Have fun finding great clothes they can still enjoy and feel more stylish in. Shop for women’s dresses that are form-fitting and comfortable. Whether she’s hanging out at home with her cats or out for a night on the town, mama can still look fabulous in some great finds in the perfect style. Fill her wardrobe with elegance and excitement when you give this sort of present.

Trinkets or Keepsakes With Cat Pictures

There are so many companies out there to help you create a special, personalized trinket or keepsake with cat photos. Design a custom art piece with a caricature of the kitty. Create plates or tiles with the cat photos on them. Or even write a special storybook that stars her favorite feline. Get creative with these trinkets that will make her laugh or help her remember the special bond she has with her cat.

Practical Items for Cat Care

Some of the best gifts are items that help someone out. If your recipient needs extra assistance with the accessories for their animal, you can give a present that helps them in practical ways. Put together a box of cat food or try out some new kitty litter that they may enjoy. You can also give them a new harness or try out fresh cat toys. Items that will make their cat happy can also make the owner just as happy.

Accessories With Personalized Details

In addition to trinkets and keepsakes, you can also find personalized items of clothing or accessories that will be fun for the cat mom to enjoy. Create socks with pictures of their fur baby or a necklace with the cat’s name and paw print on it. These fun items celebrate the bond between mom and cat while still being stylish and exciting for them to enjoy.

How to Make Your Next Winter Break Memorable


Because of the pandemic, your 2020 winter break may not have been the most ideal of winter breaks. Last year, many people had to postpone, “cancel,” or change the way they celebrated their holidays. Now that we know what it’s like, how do you plan to celebrate the incoming end-of-the-year holiday break?

Considering the bland holidays of yesteryear, we know that many people want to do something memorable this year. That’s why we created a list of fun and remarkable things you can do this holiday break. Continue below to read what we’ve got in store for you.

Reconnect and Spend Time With Friends and Family

Are you tired of being alone and isolated because of the pandemic? Many other American adults feel the same way. The best way to combat this loneliness is to reconnect with people you love.

Go back to your hometown and talk to people you haven’t seen in a long while. Say hi to your old friends by sending them a photo with a happy memory. You could even recreate the memory with them to see how much you’ve changed in the last few years.

If you don’t want or can’t get out of isolation, get in touch with loved ones by giving them a call or video call. Sometimes, even an electronic message is enough to get a conversation going again.

Read a Book

Are you a book lover and avid reader who hasn’t picked up a book in so long? Now’s the time to pick up a book you’d like to finish or start reading. Open the door (or page) that will lead you to new worlds and wisdom.

This new book will surely lead you to a memorable new world and beyond. Even if you’re not picking up a work of fiction, you’ll still get a chunk of wisdom or knowledge from what you choose to read. Plus, reading a book at home is the best way to remain safe, healthy, and happy for many readers.

Grab a Sled, Skis, Snowmobile, or Snowboard

If you don’t want to spend your time sitting and reading, you might enjoy spending it being physically active. Dig out your sled, skis, snowboard, or snowmobile, and get ready for a fun winter break. The great thing about these winter activities is that you don’t need to be in close contact with anyone if you don’t want to.

Never forget to ensure your safety first when you join these activities. Get the best snowmobile tracks for the terrain you’re visiting. Wear the proper protective gear if you’re going downhill on a ski, sled, or snowboard.

Get a Seasonal Job You’ll Enjoy

Are you living on a limited budget and can’t afford to go on a holiday or leave? There’s no shame in that, but don’t push yourself too hard. It’s the holiday break, after all. Instead, why not consider doing work that you enjoy? Even if you’re working this holiday break, it is still the season to find joy in your work.

For example, you’re an accountant, but you’ve always loved baking and cooking. Consider helping out at a local bakery or café that often becomes extra busy during the season. You could also set up a short-term online business where you can sell your baked goods.

Catch Up on Sleep, Don’t Hibernate

Going on a break means getting some rest, and sometimes, it means getting literal rest. This is your chance to catch up on sleep and to fix your sleep schedule. Get your 6-8 hours of sleep on this break.

Depending on how you define memorable, catching up on sleep may not be a very memorable experience for you. Yet, it’ll be a healthy choice you made, and your body will certainly appreciate it. If you want to make the experience memorable, use this time to make your sleepover dreams a reality.

Or try something new like camping in your backyard with your family. It won’t be as taxing as going out to hike and camp. You could even bring your young kids along as backyard co-adventurers and yeti hunters.

Get Some Alone Time and Meditate

Finally, consider hiking in the nearby winter woods, a cliff, or the snowy beach. Use this time to reflect and meditate. Some alone time, mindfulness, or self-reflection offers a lot of benefits. It boosts concentration, increases self-esteem, and reduces stress effectively.

You don’t even need to be in a white and serene winter wonderland to find inner peace and self-reflection. All you need is a quiet place where you can let your mind wander and your worries go. You could sit on the porch or the living room, close your eyes, and ruminate.


There are still many things you can do even with the pandemic. What’s considered memorable will depend on your priorities and what you find interesting. What’s most important during your winter break is not where you are but how you spend it.

3 Products To Add to Your Self-care Routine


Self-care is essential for reducing day-to-day stress and making sure that you’re giving yourself the attention and relaxation you need. However, the self-care industry has exploded in recent years, making it difficult for consumers to figure out exactly which products they should add to their routine in order to get the most out of their efforts. If you’re looking for some essentials to enhance your self-care exercises, here are three products to add to your self-care routine.

1. Stock up on CBD if you’re a fan of hemp and its reported benefits.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a derivative of the hemp plant belonging to a larger group of substances known as cannabinoids. CBD products are believed to have an effect on the endocannabinoid system, which is an internal system of receptors and naturally-produced endocannabinoids that help the body achieve homeostasis. Plant cannabinoids, or phytocannabinoids, are said to have a similar impact on these receptors. In the case of CBD, it is reported that it may be able to help some users achieve a greater sense of ease. Better yet, CBD is not psychoactive like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD that contains less than 0.3 percent THC is also legal across the United States thanks to the Farm Bill.

While there are a wide variety of CBD products to choose from like CBD oil, tinctures, and vapes, one of the best products to get started with is CBD gummies. All you need to do to find the best CBD gummies is to do a quick Google search for “CBD gummies near me.” Then, you can filter through the available gummy options by flavor (strawberry, raspberry, peach rings), CBD brand (Royal CBD, Gold Bee, Charlotte’s Web), and other options like full-spectrum versus isolate, potency, and dosage. The only thing to look out for when shopping for gummies is to make sure you’re shopping with CBD companies that use organic hemp (free of toxins like pesticides and heavy metals) and offer third-party lab testing results from the finest labs to give you the full scope of the product you’re consuming. Additionally, you should always speak with your doctor about CBD to learn more about what it is and whether or not it’s right for you!

2. Find products that help you have fun while taking care of your body.


Grabbing your favorite pack of CBD gummies when you want to feel more at ease is one way to practice self-care. Another way is to look for products that help you take better care of yourself and relax in the process. Take, for example, a nail buffer kit.

If you suffer from splitting nails, dry, brittle nails, and damage from acrylic nails, nail buffer tools can give you the support you need to improve nail health. With items like cuticle conditioner and nail hydration products that use natural ingredients such as aloe vera, cocoa butter, vitamin a and vitamin e, and goji berry to help you boost your nail health, you can have way more fun with stress relief while providing the proper care your nails or the rest of your body needs.

3. Rid yourself of anxiety and organize your life with a new journal.


Some view self-care solely through the eyes of relaxation. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, practicing self-care means taking care of essential tasks or finding ways to make your day-to-day life easier on you. One of the best ways to meet this need is through journaling. Journaling can help you explore and navigate your feelings, track new habits, and organize your life so that you feel more on top of your goals. This is a good reason to start, even if you feel you’re not the best writer.

There are plenty of high-quality bullet journals from reputable brands that you can turn to begin your journey. Whether you’re looking for the best value journal, a journal that will provide you with the best results, or even something you can mess up during your first time journaling, you’re sure to find the best option for you.

In today’s busy world, practicing more self-care is an absolute must. Discover which products you should be adding to your routine to get more out of your self-care efforts in the guide above!

5 Tips for Keeping Your Grill in Top Shape


Being able to grill as much as possible is great, and there are so many ideas that you have to keep in mind when you want to achieve this. Try to think about some of the best ways of being able to make the right decisions to help you keep your grill in shape. There are a lot of elements that play a massive role in allowing you to look after your grill and allow you to be able to grill as much as you can.

Make sure you look for some of the best ways of being able to keep your grill in great shape, and this is something that you need to improve upon and work towards taking things to the next level. There are a lot of factors that you should keep in mind, and this is something you need to work on when it comes to keeping your grill in the best possible shape moving forward. Here are 5 tips for helping keep your grill in top shape as much as you can. 

1. Clean the Grill

Keeping the grill as clean and tidy as possible is so important, and there are a lot of things that play a part in helping you make the right decisions here. Cleaning the grill and making sure you keep it looking as great as possible is so important. There are plenty of ideas that you need to make sure you follow when you are trying to keep your grill as clean as possible. 

2. Get Rid of the Grease

Getting rid of the grease and emptying the grease treaty is really important to make sure you deal with the build up of grease and make sure you keep the grill as clean and well maintained as possible. There are so many things that can play a role in helping you make the right decisions that will allow you to keep the grill as clean as possible, and in full working order. 

3. Safety Checks 

Safety checking the grill and making sure it is as safe and secure as possible is so important;. There are so many ideas that you need to try to consider when it comes to making the right checks and helping you keep your grill in top shape. Making sure you focus on making the right choices and helping make sure the grill is as safe as possible. 

4. Test it Out

Testing out your grill is one of the best ways of being able to keep it in top shape. Buying the best grill you can get, such as the Tuff Charbroiler TCC-48, is a great place to start, but you need to make regular checks. There are so many ideas that will play a role in helping you make this 

5. Check the Fuel Situation

Whenever you are looking to keep your grill in shape, it is important to make sure you check the fuel situation. You need to make sure you have enough fuel to be able to use the grill effectively the next time you have to. So that means you have to make sure you top up the fuel as much as you can.  

Follow these tips to help you improve and assess the right steps to take that will allow you to keep your grill in the best possible condition. There are so many ideas that will help you make the right decisions here, and being able to maintain and take care of your grill is one of the best courses of action that is going to help you achieve this. 

Should My Science and Engineering Company Have Managed IT Services?

Top view of tired and frustrated businessman working on computer at desk with paperwork in home office.

If you’re operating a science and technology company and you’re still using an in-house IT service, you’re missing out on superior services and opportunities to scale. These days, managed service providers are more popular, and for many good reasons. 

Maybe you feel as though your current setup is adequate, but for a moderate monthly fee, an MSP can increase your productivity, reduce your wastage, shore up your security protocol, and generally add value to your business.  

Tech Businesses Should Have MSPs 

Every day, science and technology companies use computers for analysis, programming, and general administration tasks. In addition, these companies have extensive infrastructures that require IT services to keep them operational and to keep the company productive. For many years this was left to internal IT teams – but not anymore.   

Nowadays, the IT systems of a company are entrusted to managed service providers that offer the same services as an in-house team at a lower cost. They also provide round-the-clock services and offer audits and additional security protocols. This kind of service is paramount for science and technology companies. 

MSPs Reduce Time Wastage and Stress

With the previous model – using an in-house IT team – there were issues with productivity and time management. Often, IT services do not have the expertise to fix an issue on the same day, which influences a companies productivity and revenue. So naturally, this produces a more stressful working environment. 

Managed service providers have overtaken in-house teams in many respects, and expertise is one of them. A fundamental advantage of using an MSP is the fact that companies now have access to a global pool of IT experts instead of the best personnel they could source. This means issues are fixed swiftly, and stress is reduced.   

What Does an MSP Offer?  

An MSP is a complete solution to in-house technology maintenance that repaces in-house IT teams and are essential for business operating computer networks. However, since issues with computer networks are guaranteed, businesses need an equally reliable solution at their fingertip – this is no longer an in-house IT team. 

When you partner with an MSP, you receive a full suite of services and a global support network. An MSP with examine your network and make it more efficient; they will also make it more secure by testing the strength and reliability of the security protocol; you can partner with an MSP for a monthly subscription fee. 

The nature of IT services is changing! Once upon a time, IT services were small teams of in-house IT experts that could solve network problems on-site. The trouble was that these teams were limited in their capacities and their working hours. More and more, this model has been overtaken by managed service providers. 

Since science and engineering companies have networks of computers and databases they rely on regularly, it makes sense that they adopt an MSP. An MSP offers reliable services, experts from around the world, excellent data security, and services to make your business more robust and resilient.  

Where to Store Your Possessions When Moving

Wide angle background image of stacked cardboard boxes in empty room, moving, relocation and house decor concept, copy space

In the situation where one is moving away from their home and will need temporary storage between house moves and is not relocating directly to their new home, moving can be a complicated process.

During the course of a move, we recommend using temporary storage as much as possible. Here are some tips:

Which Items Must Be Stored?

Is there anything you are going to store in a storage facility and what items are you going to take with you?

To begin with, we need to decide where each of the pieces goes. It is likely that some items will remain with you at your temporary accommodation, including clothes and essentials you use every day. However, other items will be taken to a storage facility, remain at an old address, at a friend’s house. 

You can divide up your temporary home items and make a list, to the best of your ability, of everything that you will need.

Declutter Before You Store

Whenever you are moving house, it is always a good idea to get rid of as much clutter as possible, as it will ensure that you only pay for removals for items you need to bring. 

Even more important, is the process of decluttering via a storage facility in advance of a move, as the cost of most storage is like that of rent based on the area of the unit. If you declutter your home, you will be able to keep your storage costs to a minimum.

So, how can you safely store your possessions when moving? 

At A Friends Or Family’s House

If you have small items to store then this could be a really easy and simple option. Ask your friends and family to store a few boxes while you complete the big move. You can then either collect them at a later date or ask them to bring them with them when they come to visit. This not only helps to cut down on removal costs but also gets others to help you with any unloading at the other end. 

At A Storage Unit

This is the most popular way to safely store your possessions while moving. It provides you with space and time. You can store larger items and boxes until you know if you need them in your new home as well as giving them time to sort out other important parts of your move. Once you are ready for your belongings they will be safe and secure in your hired storage space when you need them. 

Have Them Delivered To Your New House Before Hand

If you have a crossover of dates and get the keys to your new home before you move out of your old one, then it could be a good option to send some of your possessions to your new house before you get to the big moving day. This is also a great option if you are moving to a new country or long distance. 

In A Spare Room

If you have a spare room in your home it can be a useful tool for getting organized for your move. It serves as a great place to store any packed boxes and keeps them out of the way so you don’t feel as though you are living in a stressful, messy environment. 

When moving it is important for you to safely store your possessions while moving, this guide should help you to find the right option for you. 

Top 5 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Significant Other


Modern life can be incredibly hectic. When you take into account everyone’s various schedules, it can be hard to find time to spend with our loved ones- something that makes the time we do spend with the people we love that little bit more special. 

Because of this, it’s important to make the most of these moments. It’s easy to fall into the rut of routine which can, on occasion, color these times with monotony. If you find yourself in these situations, it might be worth going on some new adventures together and rediscovering some old classic activities.

1. Dinner and a Movie 

It’s a classic for a reason, but this might actually be in its detriment. After all, it’s easy to forget about the stereotypes. But dinner and a movie is a perfect date night combination- whether this be outside of the house or a Netflix-food delivery fusion. 

Ordering your food in courtesy of a reputable tech experience will not only take all the legwork out of attending a restaurant, but allow you to spend more time in comfort with your loved ones- something I’m sure we’re all keen to have in excess.

2. Amusement Parks

While it might have been a rough year and a bit for all live entertainment (including the classic amusement park) now is the time to rediscover these old classics as a perfect example of an often-forgotten date venue.

Amusement parks (and rollercoasters in particular) are actually known to be conducive to helping romantic partners fall deeper in love. Not only will such attractions give you plenty to laugh about, but it might even bring you closer on a chemical level.

3. Stargazing Picnics

Stargazing picnics are a classic way to either break the ice or tread new ground in a seasoned relationship. By furnishing the experience with a selection of snacks and drinks, the environment is one that’s full of potential. 

To further push the experience, you could even look into some stargazing and astronomical resources to study up on. 

4. Nature Hikes

Nature hiking is an activity that provides all of the components of a perfect date in one neat package: solitude, peaceful surroundings, a shared task, and an environment suited to conversation. 

Nature is proven to have a positive affect on our moods- it’s an intrinsic human response that is easy to capitalise on. Nature hikes are fantastic ways to both reduce stress and spend some much-needed quality time with a loved one in a single experience. 

5. Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping is a classic activity for a number of reasons. Not only does it provide a cost-effective way to treat your significant other, but it allows for a level of experimentation that traditional shopping just doesn’t provide. 

Time with our loved ones is a precious commodity that should be valued for what it’s worth- by spending that extra time planning these moments, you can create more memories that are sure to last you a lifetime. 

Your Guide to the Risks of Business

Evaluating risks. Group of young modern men in formalwear analyzing stock market data while working in the office

Running a business can be intensely rewarding, but it is by no means easy. There’s so much to keep on top of, especially when it comes to managing your own work-life balance and keeping your business running efficiently and safely. We look at some of the risks of doing business and potential ways to deal with them effectively.

Building a Business Takes Sacrifice

When you’re building a successful business, it can take a lot of work, much more than you might have envisaged. Many business owners give up a lot of their free time in order to keep the business going. A Gallup survey found that 39% of small business owners worked over 60 hours per week. 

Hopefully, you will soon be in a position where you scale and expand the business and hire in people to take the pressure off you, getting some of your free time back. 

Cybersecurity is Vital

One of the biggest threats to a business in the modern world is the threat of cyberattacks. Insurance firm Hiscox estimated that even a very small business could be facing costs of $25K for a simple data breach. Others have estimated this to be in the region of $200K. Data protection should be one of your top priorities. 

Many small businesses that experience a cyber attack are at risk of going out of business. By taking steps to secure your IT systems, cloud computing, and training your employees, you are less at risk of malware and phishing scams. 

You Need to Show Integrity at All Times

The respect of your customers and employees is vital to running a business. This means that you need to act with integrity and honesty at all times. The business press is littered with cautionary tales of companies that have not acted with the integrity they should have. Not only has it resulted in bad PR, but a direct impact on the bottom line too and leave you financially impacted.

The Buck Stops With You

In the course of doing business, the responsibility lies with you for many things. That means you have to make tough decisions when necessary. This can include deciding whether to hire or fire someone, making employee layoffs and restructures, or moving suppliers. 

These types of things are never easy, but can’t be avoided. Some people are more comfortable with this than others. 

It Can Feel Lonely

When you’re employed in a role, you have colleagues to confide in and managers on hand to reach out for help from. That’s not the case when you’re in charge. The dynamic between you and the rest of the team is much different. That’s why many business owners build up their own support networks outside of the office. This could consist of other business owners, mentors, or networking groups. 

Running a business involves being responsible for everything from data protection to finance. There are risks to doing business that you have to take into account and deal with as part of your role. 

What Is a Personal Reference Letter


There are many reasons you might try to impress someone with your positive qualities. Perhaps you want to convince a potential employer you have a good work ethic. Suppose you hope to rent an apartment and want your potential landlord to know you’re responsible. You could be applying to colleges and hope to impress the admissions board with your application.

When you’re preparing an application, you may be asked to include reference letters. Your recommendation letters can make the difference between a successful application and rejection. Let’s explore some characteristics of different types of reference letters, situations where they can be beneficial, and the type of information these letters should include.

What is a personal reference letter?

personal reference letter is a letter that emphasizes positive characteristics about you. Typically, you provide a resume outlining your experience and a reference letter from your former employer or co-workers when you apply for a new job. Reference letters emphasize positive attributes intended to persuade employers that you’d make a good employee. For example, a former employer could emphasize you’re reliable because you were always punctual and never called in sick.

Your employer could also reference desirable attributes, such as a positive attitude and willingness to learn. Your employer might also reference your technical skills and any special training you have.

Colleagues may supply a letter outlining the personal attributes you displayed when they worked with you. They may emphasize your commitment to your clients and dependability. They may note any accomplishments you have, such as winning employee of the month.

What’s a character reference letter?


A character reference letter is a type of reference letter. You may use character reference letters in multiple situations. Maybe you’re applying for your first job and can’t supply a reference letter from a former employer or colleague. Instead, you could supply a character reference from someone reputable, such as a teacher, school principal, or family friend.

Character reference letters emphasize your positive characteristics. Perhaps your teacher has noted you’re always cheerful and willing to help other students. Long-time family friends may have noted other positive character traits, such as your dedication to learning and good communication skills. People who write character references focus on personal qualities that make you a desirable applicant.

Are there other situations where you may need reference letters?

Landlords enter a business relationship with their tenants. They must collect rent payments. Landlords may also deal with tenants when there are complaints, so landlords favor tenants who have positive personality traits. Tenants who respect others and comply with building rules are less likely to create conflict and cause problems for their neighbors or landlords, which is why you may need a referral letter when you apply to rent a property.

You may also need character reference letters and academic referrals when you apply to postsecondary institutions. Academic institutions use these letters to identify applicants who demonstrate essential values. Academic referral letters can establish essential details about the applicant, increasing their chances of being accepted to the school.

What other type of information should reference letters include?


The person writing a reference letter should identify you as the subject of the letter. They should also provide contact information so the person reviewing the letter can phone or email them to ask any follow-up questions. The letter writer should also provide specific information about how they know you and how long they’ve known you. A personal recommendation letter from someone that’s known you for a decade may carry more weight than a personal recommendation from someone who’s known you for a few months.

A personal reference letter is a powerful tool that can ensure your application is successful. A referral letter can impress a potential employer and help you get a job. Character references may also help you get accepted to a college or get approved to rent a house. You can use personal reference letters written by former employers, work colleagues, classmates, teachers, and others with relevant information about your positive characteristics.