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How To Track A Phone Without Them Knowing (Even Free)


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How to track a phone without them knowing

It’s not always bad to track someone’s phone without him knowing. It can be a need of time or the environment.

Such steps are taken to avoid something wrong about our relations. For example, you need to track your loved one’s phone when you don’t want him to cheat on you or go astray, the loved one can be your spouse or your children.

You might also need to track your employees so that you could notice their activities remotely.

There can be many other such reasons where it’s the perfect choice to track a phone without them knowing.

So whatever the reason you have, you must find a perfect app that can help you track a phone without them knowing. The app can be free or paid depending upon the nature of the tracking.

For example, if you want to track your own phone or someone’s phone within your access and you don’t want to spy on those phones deeply then the free apps are the best solutions and when it comes to digging deep into the matters then definitely spending a few bucks for the safety of your loved ones or your business isn’t a big deal.

So let’s discuss a few free and paid apps that will help you track a phone secretly.

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Free apps to track a phone

A few free apps to track someone’s phone without them knowing are as following

Google find my phone (free for Android)

It’s a perfect tracker by Google and it’s free for Android phones.

Once you install this app on your phone, you get the following benefits.

  1. Track your phone’s location
  2. Ring the bell to find it around you
  3. Lock the screen if someone took your phone and you want to save personal data
  4. Contact the operator of your device
  5. Erase the device fully to protect your data

Yes, all of these benefits are free for Android users.

Find My Phone (free for iOS devices)

Find My - iCloud tracker

Find My is an amazing app to track your phone or your friend’s phones.

Once you have installed the app you will get all the benefits that Google’s find my phone app has and a few additional benefits.

So with iCloud, you can,

  1. Track your iPhone’s location.
  2. Ring it when it’s lost somewhere in the house
  3. Lock it if lost.
  4. Erase the data
  5. Find it when a data connection is turned off.

Yes, it’s an amazing feature for iPhone users that even if the mobile data is turned off it can be located with the help of other iPhones around them.

It will secretly deliver the location of your phone in your account.

GPS tracker for Androids

GPS Phone Tracker

With the help of this GPS tracker, you can find your phone on the web anywhere in the world.

It can also be useful to catch a cheater when you both aren’t living together.

FollowMee tracker for iOS

FollowMee iPhone Tracker

FollowMee GPS Location Tracker a free tracker for iPhone users. It works in the background. The app has an ability that it can track the phone even when it’s in sleep mode or data is interrupted. It stores the data on the phone and whenever the concentration is back it uploads the data on your account.

Find My Mobile (For Samsung Users)

If you’re using Samsung Mobile then Samsung gives you an amazing feature to track your phone without spending any bucks.

As you register yourself on your Samsung phone then you can easily locate your phone on the web account when it’s lost.

Your Samsung can help you unlock your phone, change the password and PIN as well.

Best paid apps to track a phone

When it comes to paid apps, you get a lot more features to give you ease and track a phone quite easily and secretly.

But it’s hard to find a suitable app that can fulfill your needs and doesn’t cheat you when you really need it.

For example, a few apps providers can take your money but their apps are not better than the free apps or the apps aren’t invisible.

There is also a possibility that the service provider doesn’t respond to you when you need them, it really sucks.

That’s why it’s better to read reviews and all features of a spy app before you choose that.

That’s why I won’t get into all the available spy apps in the market but I will only choose those apps which are the finest ones in the market by all means.

The two best tracking paid apps are,

  1. mSpy
  2. Flexispy

mSpy – the best tracking app

It’s a fact that if you spend money you’re always rewarded according to that money.

But the thing is to choose the right place for investing your money.

When you’re serious about some matters like your child is going to college or school somewhere outside the city and you have heard that the atmosphere of the hostel or city isn’t good. Then it’s far better to keep an eye on your child.

Maybe, your doubt that your spouse or employee or another partner is cheating on you and you want to get the evidence or at least monitor the phone.

Then no doubt mSpy is the right choice for in such cases because with just less than a dollar per day you get the following amazing features in Basic plan.

Track Call logs

All the incoming and outgoing calls of the targeted phone are recorded and uploaded to your mSpy account.

It will add data every 5 minutes.

You can check the call logs every day to see to whom he/she is making calls the most and what activity he/she does after that.

Text messages

All of the messages available on the phone are uploaded to your mSpy account silently. You can simply read the messages anytime to make better decisions.

It’s a fact that the world isn’t perfect that’s why it’s better to guide your loved ones in sensitive matters.

There can be too many matters in which your child or another partner needs guidance but they can’t ask you directly, you can spy on their phone without them knowing and guide them in a planned perfect way.

GPS Tracking

mSpy has a perfectly working GPS tracker that will give you all the tracking records in your web account.

So you will easily see where the targeted phone is going and how much time is staying there, secretly.


This is an amazing feature available in paid apps that you can set a location for the targeted phone whenever the targeted phone leaves that area you get a notification in your web account.

Web History

Checking the web history of your loved ones is essential. Because web history will predict a perfect picture of their mentality those days.

It’s far better to keep your eyes open and don’t your loved ones be alone in difficult times.

Social Media

Social media activity and messengers are widely used all around the world.

It’s possible that your child is using social media messengers to communicate with others so it’s better to get access to their data to keep them safe from dangers.

Track all data available on the phone:

It’s not over yet. With just less than a dollar a month, you get access to other data available on someone’s phone without them knowing.

Flexispy: one of the best spying apps

Flexispy App

When it comes to spying or tracking someone’s phone without them knowing then you can’t forget Flexispy.

It not only works on the phones but also works for PC and Mac.

And it also takes less than a buck for spying someone’s phone for a day.

You can check out all the features here in this Flexispy review or right here on the Flexispy site.

Despite all the amazing features available, we will discuss some tracking features relevant to our topic.

Call logs and Address book

If you want to track someone’s phone activity then it’s important to see call logs and address books of the target phone.

Flexispy gives you access to the call logs and address book of that phone so that you could monitor calls activity on the target phone.

Track SMS and MMS messages

Flexispy will track all the incoming and outgoing messages on the target phone without them knowing.

It will silently upload the data of calls and messages on your web account so that you could see anywhere in the world.

GPS tracking and Geo-fencing

The spying app monitors the target phone with it’s a perfect GPS tracker. You will get all the data recorded by the tracker on your web account.


It’s an amazing feature that will record all the keystrokes done on the target phone.

For example, your child or employee has opened a site, wrote something on the site you should read but it’s not available on the phone. In that case, the keylogger is a perfect choice to monitor someone’s activity.

Track social media accounts

Flexispy will also give you access to social media accounts and chats on the messengers. You will easily read what the target is doing on social media.

Track browsing and surfing

As I told you earlier that it has a keylogger feature. So it keeps the data of browsing and surfing and you can easily see what someone searched on a site.

For example, your child can open Google and write anything in its search box, you can’t just imagine until you get in the keylogger feature.

Track Installed apps

It’s better to track all the activities available on the phone. So it’s good to see the installed apps on the phone. Which app did your loved one install, and when it was uninstalled.

It will give a clear picture of everything.

Track everything on the phone without them knowing:

Yes, that’s true. With this app, you can simply track each and everything available on the phone.

The audio files, video files, text files, photos, and anything that is available on the phone will be delivered to your web account.

That’s why if you want to dig deep into someone’s phone, it’s a perfect choice.

Note: If you believe that our information was useful then consider using our links for paid apps to reward us. So that we could run the blog and keep you providing the information in the world.

We will try to provide you with the best information as we tried to help you track someone’s phone without them knowing.

How To Create A YouTube Channel And Run It With Smartphone


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Create a YouTube channel with your Mobile

It’s not hard to create a YouTube channel, you can create a YouTube channel with your smartphone in a couple of minutes and run it easily with that.

You know, it’s too much easy to start your channel, but making it successful takes time and effort.

As I said it takes a few minutes to create a Youtube channel so I will provide you with an easy way to build it but before that let me know the reason behind your channel?

As your life purpose has a great impact on your life so is the case with your channel.

Answering that question is important, because I want to save your time and energies to achieve your goals.

The two common aims of starting it are,

  1. Your or your organization’s online presence
  2. Make money online

Your aim must be one of them, if you have a different purpose then please let us know in the comments.

Well, either you’re looking for an online presence or you want to make money from it, you should follow a pattern if you want to build a successful channel.

There are over 31 million YouTube channels and not all of them are successful.

The topmost reason for their failure is that they don’t follow a pattern that makes channels successful.

So, here I’m sharing with you a genuine formula to start your successful YouTube channel with your mobile phone.

You just need to follow the following steps.

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Signup for a Google account

To create a YouTube channel you need to create a google account that you will also use for Adsense account if your aim is to make money from it.

Your Google account can be used for all the services of Google, like Google Drive, Photos, Chrome, and all others.

Create a YouTube channel

Just follow this link and create your YouTube channel. Where you can set your channel name and description.

Here you will need to use two words. If you want to create a channel with a single name, then put a dot (.) in the last name field. So your channel will appear with a single name.

Choose the right channel name

People make the mistake that they don’t focus on the name, your name should be unique (if possible) and easy to remember.

That’s not over it should also describe what you’re going to share on your channel.

For example, I read audiobooks on Youtube so I usually subscribe to all the channels with names, Full Books, Audiobooks, Free Books, etc because I’m sure that they are only sharing books.

I have even seen millions of followers of channels with just a single video (that went viral).

Because the channel name was describing their purpose and the video was much useful. People usually don’t check how many videos do you already have.

They subscribe to your channel for your next video.

Be specific on your channel

On Youtube channels and Facebook pages, you should always be specific.

For example, if you want to create a beauty and fashion channel or a cooking channel then don’t share anything else than that.

Each video should represent what you’re doing on the whole channel.

Because this will help you reach the right people and get maximum benefits from your subscribers.

A beauty lover may not be interested in any other topic that you speak on.

If you’re an organization then always share useful information about your organization, how it works, and how you spend money on people.

You can also share creative ways to expand your organization if you’re sponsored, it will give people a clear idea about your vision.

Keyword research

After building a channel the most essential part is keyword research, it’s like a pillar of your business.

If you don’t know what people are searching on YouTube you can’t succeed.

I use Ahref for keyword research but that’s expensive. If you can’t afford it then here is a shortcut formula to take an idea of suitable keywords.

Search your topic on YouTube with different search terms and look at the top-ranking videos what words are they using in their title?

For example, if you want to make a video on creating a Youtube channel, you can use the following search terms.

  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Build a YouTube channel
  • Make a YouTube channel

As you search it, you analyze the top videos.

How many views did they get over a specific person of time?

Take the top 5, and analyze their views with time.

You will soonest come to know which keyword is suitable for you.

Optimize your video for search term

Now you have a suitable search term that you will use to optimize your video so that you could get maximum benefits from your video.

Here are quick tips to optimize your video for your search term.

  1. Use your search term in the video, speak about that term so that YouTube will trust your video for that search term.
  2. Use your search term in your video title (video name) like, your search term.mp4
  3. Use your search term at the beginning of the title
  4. Your description should be long enough. Some people add transcripts of their videos in the description. Use your search term in the description. Use it at least 4 times.
  5. Use your keyword in the Tags section
  6. Your thumbnail image name should also contain your keyword.
  7. Use hashtags in the description for that term.

You can do all these things on your smartphone.

Add Thumbnail & Tags

There is an app named Youtube Studio that you will use to add hashtags and thumbnails.

To add custom thumbnails you need to verify you channel with your mobile number.

After that can easily custom thumbnails in your new and previous videos.

Restrictions on mobile:

What you can’t do on the phone is linking your videos with one another. As you see in some videos there appear cards of other videos or in the end, there are some suggestions. Those are not possible at mobiles yet.

You can edit your videos later to link them to one other later.

If you have any other questions in your mind, please let us know in the comments.

14 Crystal Clear Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating


Read: 8 mins

You might feel annoying or disturbed to know that cheating is natural. Whoever gets a chance, all of them cheat, no matter to what extent.

So if you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, then most probably that’s true.

But if you’re in between the situation & you want to explore your relationships with clear signs of cheating. The following in-depth article on signs your partner is cheating will help you understand everything about your relationship.

We will also look at the reasons & solutions that can help you avoid infidelity and make your relationship great.

Here are the vivid signs your spouse is cheating.

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Password protected gadgets (phones & computers)

We spend most of our time on gadgets. In a research RescueTime, it was found that commonly we spend 3 hours and 15 minutes on our phone. And the top 20% spend 4 hours and a half on their phones.

Even 4 hours & a half is higher time for married couples, but cheaters also spend more than that on their phones.

That’s not over yet.

Cheaters keep their phones & computers password protected to avoid any mishap. So if your significant other is spending a lot of time on the phone & the phone is always password protected.

And when you try to access the phone or your partner’s social media accounts, your partner takes a little time to remove some call logs or delete messages before offering you.

Then there are over 90% chances that your significant other is cheating on you.

Sexual or emotional dissatisfaction

In research, it was found that most often, men cheat due to sexual dissatisfaction & women cheat due to emotional dissatisfaction.

So if your husband isn’t satisfied sexually, then he is more likely to cheat, although some husbands are habitual of cheating. I call them cheater husbands of category A.

Your wife can cheat when she isn’t emotionally satisfied. When she isn’t getting the attention that she is looking for.

In such a case, your spouse can cheat. It’s not hard to keep your sexual or emotional life great, at least not as hard as making money that you usually do.

The only thing you need to take care of little things that can impress your partner & grab your spouse’s attention.

The secret to living a happy life is to give value to your partner as much as you give to yourself. And you will see magical changes in your life.

Long-distance relationships cause cheating

Distances may affect your relationships. You can keep your eyes closed, but you can’t deny this fact.

It’s human nature that we love those things with whom we spend most of our time. Even you start loving the chair of your office!

Then how can you expect not to get attached to someone you’re spending most of your time?

That’s why long-distance relationships are a significant cause of infidelity.

3.75 million people in the United States are in long-distance relationships. They call each other every 2.7 days and visit each other 1.5 times each month, on average.

It means if you’re in a long-distance relationship, then your partner is spending more times a day with colleagues or roommates than with you.

It may cause infidelity.

In such a case, if you want to avoid your partner cheating, then you should give time to your partner whenever your partner is comfortable.

Make your spouse feel good, loved, and attached to you.

Recall good times and plan for more good times together. Also, try to give your partner surprise visits to feel your partner special.

Suddenly improved appearance

We want to improve when we realize our imperfections. We work on our self-improvements, in that case.

But we never find imperfections our own, at least we don’t hate them so much to change them. We usually love our imperfections.

But if you see a suddenly improved appearance, then there may be a strong motive behind that.

Maybe, your partner is trying to impress you or someone else.

Actually, I have personally experienced it, I started working on my appearance when I was trying to get the attention of someone I loved. I got her instructions.

We feel so much confident that we start wearing anything that we didn’t wear before, but we look great in that dress.

So if your partner has started investing time in exercising to make body great and on appearance to make it more appealing. Then you should keep your eyes open.

Extra work hours

When you’re living a great life within your budget, you don’t need to increase your finances, but still your significant other is convincing you to work for extra hours, this is a suspicious activity.

In a husband-wife relationship, you both rule your marriage; you both make decisions. If your spouse is making unnecessary changes in working hours alone, then it’s one of the most apparent signs your spouse is cheating.

In this situation, a partner wants to spend more time outside, maybe, with colleagues or perhaps outside with someone else.

That’s why when you notice such extra working hours, the best solution is to give your partner surprise visits in the office.

Lack of attention is a sign of infidelity

When your partner is cheating, the full attention of the partner is grabbed in cheating. Your partner can’t pay full attention to you, not even in your intimate times.

When you notice a lack of attention then rather than revealing your sensations, you should focus on finding the truth first.

It’s possible that there can be a trouble that your spouse doesn’t want to discuss with you, but there can also be cheating.

Your partner blames you

I don’t recommend discussing with your partner for lack of attention because, in most of cases, when your partner is cheating, when you reveal the truth that he/she isn’t paying attention, then they start blaming you.

It’s a habit of cheaters.

If you find your partner blaming you & producing ugly excuses, then it’s time to be suspicious.

Pay full attention to understand what’s the reason behind that. Try to be your own spy, and you will find the truth.

When your partner has been a cheater in past

Sometimes spouses are habitual of cheating. They are fully satisfied with their lives, but still, they can’t change that habit.

If your significant other has been a cheater in the past, then don’t ever trust your partner entirely. I don’t mean not to believe in his/her words, but it’s far better to keep an eye on your partner.

The reason is that we can’t change habits easily, even after trying hard.

For example, you can tell an alcoholic person all the disastrous effects of alcohol, but that wouldn’t work in most of the cases.

We only change our habits when we genuinely want to change ourselves.

Give your significant other so much love that your spouse starts feeling guilty about that habit. This formula will definitely work.

When you start receiving a lot of gifts

In routine life, we don’t give so many gifts to one other.

We wait for special days like anniversaries and birthdays to gift one another.

But when your spouse showers a lot of gifts. It means your partner wants to keep you blind.

Your partner don’t want you to think of cheating. That’s why your significant other is offering so many gifts.

Your partner started sending text messages

Cheaters find it easy to use text messages rather than calls because they can send text messages in front of you.

If your spouse was not habitual of sending text messages, but nowadays you notice your partner sending a lot of texts, it’s a clear sign your spouse is cheating.

Cheaters don’t save names with original names. They keep their girlfriend/boyfriend numbers with their best fellows names.

And they change the names often. So that can’t judge if your partner is sending too many texts to a single contact.

Cheaters spend a lot of money

Yes, that’s true. Cheaters spend a lot to keep their affairs alive because they are emotionally attached to one other.

That’s why they spend a lot of money on one another.

If you notice a lot of unusual expenses, then it’s time to be curious.

In that case, you should check out your significant other credit card bills frequently so that you could notice where your partner is spending money. And the best thing is to keep asking about such expenses.

Unexpected fights

It’s a habit of cheaters that they want to spend a lot of time on their affairs. They are possessive to pay full attention to one another.

That’s why they don’t want their spouse or children to disturb them. That’s why they fight when you or your children disturb them.

It’s a clear sign your spouse is cheating.

If you notice that your spouse has started fighting on small things and he/she wants to spend a lot of time alone, then don’t let your significant other do that.

When your partner started sleeping late

While in affairs, people feel more comfortable at night. Because at night, people are more passionate about communicating and discusses everything that happens every day.

If your partner started waiting for you to sleep and doesn’t talk to you at nights, it’s crystal clear sign your partner is cheating.

Cheaters are big liars

Cheaters are always big liars. They are habitual of building long stories on everything suspicious.

If you ask where have you been, instead of telling you the truth, a cheater will make a story to convince you so that you don’t ask again.

If your partner has started telling you stories, then it’s better to test your partner’s stories.

For example, if your husband tells you that he spends time with Robert these days, then make Robert a call before he comes.

Don’t directly ask Robert about your husband because cheaters’ friends often know about the truth. So if you will ask him directly, he will make a call to your husband and tell him about your call.

Actually, one of my friends used to tell his wife that he spends time with me and calls me whenever he is free. So he said to me that if his wife calls me, I should say to her that he was with me. And just after the call tell him about the call.

That’s why it’s better not to call Robert directly or make Robert’s wife your friend and stay in touch with her to know the truth. She will surely tell you the real story.

Test your spouse for cheating

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, you found most of the signs in your partner and you want to make it more clear for you, then you should give your doubts a test.

It’s a fact that we can’t speak on our deprivations and secrets openly, not even in general.

Whenever you find your partner relaxed then just start discussing cheating, and focus on your partner’s face.

If the colors of the face faded, it means your doubts should be analyzed to the next level. Like you should try these tactics to catch your cheating spouse.

And if your partner is feeling confident, no abrupt change in facial expressions, no fear or hesitation on the topic, then try to close that topic to make it a general discussion.

If you have noticed that your spouse is cheating on you then you can learn here all possible ways to catch a cheating spouse.

How To Make Money On Instagram (Real Story)


Read: 11 mins

how to make money Instagram

How frequently do you use Instagram? Do you use Instagram regularly? Most people use Instagram on a daily basis, but how many of them make money on Instagram?

Probably very few, and you can be one of them.

Because it’s not difficult to earn a handsome amount with just spending an hour daily on Instagram, you just need to follow a pattern that is required, and you will quickly be making a livelihood on Instagram.

I have a question here.

Do you know why people can’t achieve their goals, especially while it’s about earning money? While they are struggling hard in a specific field?

You see, there are a few people in all the fields who are called successful in their particular areas.

The struggles of most people just end up in ruins although they are no less committed to their fields.

Do you think it makes a difference?

Why do some people are making money on Facebook and Instagram without too much effort, and some are spending too much time and struggling harder, but still they are unable to earn money from the fields?

If you keenly observe, you’ll come to know that the people who are not making money (and they are in the majority) are not following the pattern that is needed to achieve that specific goal.

And a very few people who are following the exact pattern earn handsome amounts in return.

Hope you can understand how important it is to understand what exactly makes people successful in their life. What are the key steps to be successful in any field of life?

So if you really want to run an Instagram page successfully, you must follow what’s working, and you should avoid what’s not working.

You should learn from other’s stories who are already famous on Instagram.

For example, I am sharing the real story of my cousin, who is already working on Instagram and making money. She started with nothing in mind but with the guidance of her expert co-fellow and she became successful so if you want to succeed, you surely need to follow an expert like she is.

The other reason to share this story is that there are too many articles on making money from Instagram, and maybe you have read most of the materials. Maybe, anyone of those articles couldn’t satisfy you. That’s why I thought to share a real story that will give you a more precise image of what you should do and what you shouldn’t do to make money with Instagram with very few followers.

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What is she doing on Instagram?

First of all, I would like to tell you what she is doing in her field because I want to make it clear that how actually you can make it possible for you as well.

Because, you know, it’s now clear that if you want to be a successful Instagrammer, you must have to follow a pattern – a pattern that other successful Instagrammers are following.

You must have to notice what others are doing that’s working, and what mistakes they are making that are ruining some of their pages.

She started a page on fashion, beauty, makeup, and lifestyle, as she has said on her page. She started sharing her opinions and ideas on fashion beauty makeup and life lifestyle on her Instagram page.

She started reviewing products. You must be clear that all the brands are now available on Instagram.

Courtesy: Mishwasays Instagram Account

You can review them and mention any of them in your reviews in your posts – what she has done, for free, in the early days.

It was a time when she was following people who like fashion and lifestyle. She grabbed their attention with her genuine reviews. I am telling all the story because it’s like a pattern that you will follow in your field – the pattern, which works a lot to become a successful Instagrammer.

Here is the answer to the most often asked question, how many Instagram followers do you need to make money?

1000 followers are enough to start making on Instagram. Because when she got approximately 1200 followers, she started getting offers on Instagram.

She started a campaign for PRs for different products and companies. The brands began contacting her for product reviews.

You can see in the picture what she is receiving these days.

Courtesy: MishwaSays Instagram account

Now brands in relevant categories send their products to her home, and she reviews the products.

Look, it’s not necessary to run a fashion and beauty page on Instagram; you can run from any field you love the most. And you must follow your own interest.

Because people would love to hear from you about the products that you love to use for yourself, for example, if you are a woman then you must like fashion and all that. You can start a page on fashion.

Are you doing something else?

Then you can start a page for your own field, and you shouldn’t start in fashion because every field has a lot of companies that will ask you to promote their products and services and review them.

There are few people who might be crazy about starting the page on fashion and lifestyle, because they have seen that this works.

But I don’t recommend this.

Because if you don’t have any interest in something, then you won’t run it for long.

If you want to do something for a long time and you want to make it your livelihood, then it should be your passion. And if you don’t know your life purpose, then you should find your life purpose first.

Here is the other example that helps you understand why it’s essential to work in your own field.

You started a page, and it didn’t work. Maybe, you didn’t follow the exact pattern that I’m going to share here.

If you do love something, then even if you are disappointed by the effort, you are doing, but you won’t stop because you will be enjoying it and you love your work.

And if you are doing something to earn money, then, at last, you will quit. It doesn’t matter if it worked for you or not. You will feel that money is not as important as your self-satisfaction.

I have personally experienced it.

What mistakes most people make while starting an Instagram page?

The biggest mistakes that most people make to start an online business are,

  • Learning less: People don’t want to learn it.
  • Less passionate: They don’t work for passion.
  • Shortcuts: They look for shortcuts and try black hat techniques.

We are humans; we all make mistakes. So is the case with Instagrammers. The biggest mistake that I notice every – unsuccessful person – makes is not to learn it properly.

And most of you will also make the same mistake. That’s why I’m insisting too much to learn it and then start it.

I have a question: why do you want to make money? To earn a livelihood? To pay for the necessities? Or to show off?

In most cases, people just want to make money because they want to live a peaceful life. And in very few cases, people want to get rich to feel more influential and wealthy to show off.

Now, for example, you’re able to earn enough to meet your basic necessities, but you’re not satisfied with your work. What will you do? You will be in depression and will always be trying to change your field.

So why don’t you think to start in your own field?

If you are interested in running a page for a long time and you want to make your passion a profession, then it’s too essential to start a page in the field that you love the most.

What should you do to run a successful Instagram page?

I have found some of the must-follow rules to run a page successfully. Here is the list,

  1. Be original and Fair
  2. Be clear and specific
  3. Use hashtags and captions appropriately
  4. Be local
  5. Be regular and consistent
  6. Be social
  7. Make a post on the peak times

#1 Be original and Fair:

Maybe you are not using your original identity on Facebook, but, and in this case, it won’t work for you.

You have to use your original identity, at least, other than the name. Because most of the brands work locally, and if you’re not sharing your location and original data, then you will be flagged as a spammer.

#2 Be clear and specific:

Decide clearly about the category in which you will work. It’s too essential to be clear and specific for your page.

If you are not specific and you’re not posting your relevant content, then you won’t get into the community that you actually need.

You might get people from different communities and different kinds of natures, and you won’t get more comments and likes for the products that are going to eat you for it.

#3 Use hashtags and captions appropriately:

It’s the most essential part of your job – you’re going to do it. There is an option to add captions to the images. Write in detail but necessary captions for your post.

But don’t try to stuff anything. Because you must keep in mind that humans are noticing your practices.

Also, you appropriate hashtags into your posts. The hashtags help you get organic traffic to your posts. It’s recommended to use 11+ hashtags with an in-detail caption.

#4 Be local:

It’s not essential every time. You don’t need to be local for all of your pages. But, first of all, you should be clear about the category in which you’re working. If you’re working for some products and services, then you should be local.

So that you can interact with the right people and the right brands, and if you’re not working for local products. Then you may not necessarily be local.

#5 Be regular and consistent:

It’s also one of the mistakes that people make on Instagram that they are not regular and consistent. It won’t maximize productivity. If you are not regular and consistent, then you will look like an amateur, and mature people won’t interact with your posts.

Hence you will lose a chance to be more productive.

#6 Be social:

Never forget that Instagram is a social media platform, and people here are just like family.

You can be on Instagram for fun and entertainment or to interact with people. So is the case with others. You just imagine which photos and videos do you want to interact with? On which post you like to comment, and which pages do you love the most?

Why is this so?

On Instagram and Facebook, those must be the pages that are interacting with you and being social with you. They treat you as a human being, and they know what you want to see and what you want to hear from them.

That’s why you stick to them.

You must keep in mind what your community would like to hear from you? They want you to like their posts, their comments, and be social with them somehow. So you should respond to them for the feedback and be a part of chats somewhere with them. If you don’t do so, your page will look like a robotic page.

#7 Make a post on the peak times:

You must be clear about who your audience is? To whom you want to speak? What do they do, and when are they available on Instagram?

For example, if these are women – as in the case of a fashion page – just imagine when the women are free? Most likely, they are free in the mornings and evenings when they are free to use mobile.

Especially in the morning, no one is at home, the husband has gone to the job and the children went to school or universities. They are now free to use social media.

It’s just a case, and your case may be different. You must think about who your audience is? What do they do? When are they free?

You can also get the idea by making posts at different times on a day. You will notice that there are sometimes when people are interacting the most with your pictures and videos, that would be the best time to make a post.

How to get followers on Instagram?

You make money on Instagram when you have followers. At least a couple of thousand. So when you start a page, your primary focus will be to increase the followers. As the higher in number as the better prices, you will receive. But if you will try to spam and your followers won’t be active on your posts, or they don’t have the same interests. Then no one is going to pay you.

You know, Dean Graziosi has said in a video, if you don’t want to make mistakes in your life, then you must learn from experts. I love his opinion because I have experienced in my life that when you learn from experts, you don’t make mistakes.

Neil Patel (digital marketing expert) has mentioned that if you want to get more followers on your page, you must know who else is working in the industry.

You can contact them to promote your page. They will ask you to pay for it. The other trick is to follow your competitor’s followers.

If they are following your competitors, then most likely, they will also follow you. It’s a long term process, and it will take time, but if you want to invest then

It’s easy now to get more followers on Instagram overnight. You just need to follow any of the methods.

  1. Ask someone to promote you
  2. Use promotion on Instagram
  3. Run PR campaigns

Ask some to promote you:

Let’s say, share quotes as I do. You can search for the people who else are sharing quotes. You can contact the person to promote your page for a reward.

Promote via Instagram:

Instagram will also help you promote your page when you’re willing to pay them. They will get you the right people in a few hours or days.

Run PR Campaigns:

You can also run PR campaigns, you can add a hashtag to promote your page, and you will send a gift to a few of them.

Then the following three methods will easily be getting the right audience, the right followers on your page, and hence you will easily be making money with Instagram.

Fastest & affordable way to get Instagram followers

Not everyone can follow all the steps, and not everyone can wait for slowly increasing followers.

On the other hand, running campaigns on Instagram and many other platforms has quite few conversions. That simply means expensive followers.

In that case, I recommend using a service like Mr. Insta. Who helps you increase your Instagram followers daily.

The great thing about this service is that you can use their service as well.

They also help you buy Instagram followers at quite affordable prices.

What to do when you have followers on Instagram?

When you have followers, it’s the right time to make money from your page.

  • Contact the brands and companies of your industry
  • Use the hashtags to let them contact you.

Both of the methods will work, and you will be making money with your Instagram account in the early days you.

They will send you products for free, and you will review the products. After a couple of days, you will be able to share paid content. Brands will hire you for their bands and products.

If you have your story that you want us to share with people, then you can leave a comment or send us the story.


It’s quite easy to make money online, that’s true for those who learn it. So if you’re serious about earning livelihood online, you must go for such an easy business. Because in these businesses, you don’t need heavy investments, you simply need a business computer or an under budget laptop that you can find from the best laptops under $500 and an internet connection.

With your gadget and internet, you can start such an easy business as running your Instagram page and making money from it. Most people don’t make anything because they don’t learn it so if you are serious about how to make money on Instagram then follow the brief instructions discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Instagram users get paid?

Instagram doesn’t pay any Instagrammer anything. But all those who use this platform appropriately are paid by companies for making sponsored posts.

How can you make money from Instagram?

If you want to make money on Instagram then there are a few easy to follow steps. 1. Find a specific niche 2. Build an Audience around that 3. Get Sponsored Post opportunities under your niche

Is it illegal to make money on Instagram?

Yes, it’s legal. Because to make money on Instagram you build your audience on your own. You share others’ content on your profile and get paid from them. Instagram has no concern with all that.

Build A Blog & Make Money Instantly (In COVID-19 Lockdown)


Read: 7 mins

Don’t you think we are suffering from the most challenging times in our lives? COVID-19 lockdown has imprisoned us in our homes. We can’t go outside, we can’t travel, we can’t hotel, we can’t shop, and the most important one is we can’t make money out.

But I got a guaranteed & quick money making method in which we build a blog and sell guest/sponsored posts to companies + use other advertising methods. That will help you generate some livelihoods in these difficult days.

That’s not over. It will be your long-lasting business that will grow with time.

Everyone today is afraid of losing his savings. How much can we survive if the situation went on for long? How will people survive when the savings will end, and there will be no resources to make money from home in this COVID-19 lockdown? That’s terrible.

But there is one good news.

Cloudflare has claimed a massive increase in online business. More people are online now, and it’s increasing daily. It means those who are online, COVID-19 isn’t harming them but giving them more business.


But you’re not a business. Right?

Even if you’re not a business, and you aren’t a skilled person, you don’t have services to offer, you don’t have products to sell, you can still make money online. It’s quite easy if followed appropriately.

You wouldn’t need to invest a lot of money on it, but still, you can make handsome money from home.

If you want to make money from your home online instantly, then it’s the easiest way to start a high authority blog & earn money from home in this lockdown.

I will turn it into a few steps so that once you’re ready to start it. It should be quite easy for anyone to follow & build a blog.

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What is a blog?

If you dig deep into what is a blog, then you can read here (that I think you don’t need to), but making a long story short, a blog is a website that’s updated regularly.

A blog is like your diary that you write regularly. Nowadays, blogs aren’t journals, but they can be created on any topic that you want to discuss online and earn a handsome livelihood.

Let’s say you want to discuss business, relationships, and success; you can create your blogs even free if you don’t want to monetize them. Blogger.com, WordPress, or Tumblr.com are free platforms to start your blogs. You can start your blog on those platforms and monetize your blog later.

But here our motto is to build a blog that will start generating money instantly for you.

Although this blog will also work fine if you want to monetize your website later, so here, the strategy will be quite different because we have to build a highly professional blog where we could offer guest/sponsored posts to online businesses.

Building a highly professional blog to offer sponsored posts

If you look at the freelancing platform, surf search engines or social media sites, you will soon find that there are at least hundreds of companies and even thousands of freelancers who offer backlinks.

If you don’t know what’s backlink, then to make it quite digestible, just pretend for a while that you own a site. Your site URL is example.com

If someone else who owns a site mentions your site link (example.com) on his site, that’s your backlink, and backlinks are the essential thing to get rankings in search engines.

Even Dean Brain found in his recent research that the majority of the sites which rank at position 1 have 3.8 times higher backlinks than the second one.

It means, all the online businesses need backlinks to their sites to rank higher in Google, Bing & other search engines.

To make your understanding better about the worth of backlinks, let me tell you that Billions of people use search engines to get information. There are 30-40 billion searches each month in the US on Google.

So no business would like to lose those billions of visitors for free if they could rank on top positions.

Although Google notices many other factors to rank a site you can’t rank on search engines without powerful backlinks (at least nowadays).

There is a difference between a backlink & a powerful backlink. One robust quality backlink is far better than hundreds and thousands of low-quality backlinks. (Low-quality spammy backlinks can harm your rankings).

You might be curious to know what powerful backlinks are because people will only pay you if you can provide them with quality links.

There are a lot of factors that help people understand the power and quality of backlinks but most important ones are, domain authority & domain ratings.

Domain Authority is a Moz metric while Ahref provides domain Rating; both help people understand how much better that site can perform in Google and how much authoritative that site is.

For example, your president and his co-workers have different authorities. If your president mentions someone in his debate in good manners, then that person will get more value than mentioned by many others.

The same is the case with domain rating or domain authority. You have a score over 100 as the higher as, the better.

So your website has a higher domain rating or domain authority; it means you will get the attention of businesses who are working on building backlinks.

Now let’s come to the main story. What do you need to build a high authority website that could grab the attention of businesses?

You need,

It won’t cost too much. I will give you an option to buy a domain & hosting at cheap rates.

Buy a high authority domain

That’s not hard to find & buy a high authority domain. Because, nowadays, you find domains easily on auctions.

Flippa, Sedo, Godaddy Auctions, and there are many other platforms where you can buy your high authority domain.

If you have an experience to research things, then the cheapest way to find high authority domains is expireddomains.net. If you spend time on ExpiredDomains.net, then you will find expired domains at the cheap prices.

But the important thing is to check the quality of a domain.

Although there are a few freelancers who would find you a high-quality domain if you don’t want to rely on them entirely or you want to do it your own, then you should have the following things in mind while buying an expired domain.

  • Check domain authority: The domain authority should be greater than 40. As the higher as, the better.
  • Check Domain Ratings: The domain ratio should also lie near domain authority; there can be the difference but not that much. Like, if the domain authority is 40, but domain rating is 1, it means there is something wrong with that domain. Both should correlate with one another.
  • Check spam score: The spam score shouldn’t be more than 2%. You should prefer it to be 0. Because it gives a sign of that domain’s quality. How spammy backlinks that site has.
  • Check referring domains: Most of the spammy sites have thousands and even millions of backlinks, but the referring domains are quite a few. That’s terrible. The referring domain should have a good ratio with the number of backlinks.
  • Links Ratio: Let’s say, the number of backlinks to the number of referring domains ideal condition ratio is 1:1, but you will never find that. You just keep in mind that the ratio shouldn’t be so high.
  • Check Anchors: While checking backlinks, you should also check that if the backlinks are available with clean & general. Most of them should be on the homepage.
  • Check banned: It’s one of the most critical factors that the domain shouldn’t be google banned. Perform a google banned test here. You can find other tools, but I found this one reliable. Test your domain here as well.
  • Check on Wayback machine: Check that domain on the wayback machine that it’s not used in Pornography or Gambling. It should be clean and preferably in English.
  • Check Niche (site topic): While checking at Wayback, you will also find the niche of the site. It shouldn’t be a micro niche. That means it shouldn’t be too focused on a topic. It should be general.

If you’re done with everything. It’s time to buy your high authority expired domain.

Buy domain & hosting is cheap prices

When you find a high authority domain, then don’t wait to buy it. Because people are always ready to purchase such domains so they can buy before you.

Pro tip: If you’re trying to buy on auction, then wait for the ending time; in the last 10 minutes, you can get a domain at a reasonable price.

Well, just after that, put your domain on NameCheap.com, which is offering domains and hosting at low prices.

Install WordPress

After buying your domain & hosting. Use your dashboard to install WordPress on it.

You can find many useful videos on how to install WordPress on your domain.

It’s quite easy; you can install WordPress in just a few clicks on any web hosting provider.

Don’t forget to install essential plugins,


  • SEO plugin
  • Caching plugin
  • Spam filter plugin

Such plugins will help your site look professional.

Remove all in essential plugins, themes & posts. Make it clean.

Create a few posts

It’s your first step to launch your site.

You have to make a few posts on different topics that you want to focus on!

Like, home improvement, business, finances & insurance are the hot topics that pay you higher rates.

Create social media profiles

It’s highly recommended to create social media profiles for your site.

Use your domain name on the social media accounts so that you could introduce your site as a brand.

Share your posts on a regular basis on social media accounts. Try to use all the social media sites that you can find.

It’s even better if you market business on high authority sites to grab the attention of companies.

Connect with business

Once your site is ready, your job is to reach the business.

You can even use Fiverr, where thousands of freelancers are already offering such backlinks.

But it’s better to reach businesses personally. Email them & offer them backlinks at reasonable rates.


People are making money online; even thousands of people make money on Instagram. Making money with a blog is one of those ways that freelancers & businesses are using these days.

You should also create a high authority blog and start making money instantly in this critical situation.

If you’re new to all this but interested in creating one, then you can hire us to build such a fantastic blog for you at a reasonable price.

What Is Success? An Answer That Will Blow Your Mind


Read: 4 mins

The real answer to what is a success!

Study more and more if you want success in life.


World honours only successful.

These quotes and many more; we have heard since childhood.

We even create in our mind’s eye of a successful personality through the pre-set examples given by our elders and society. Without having a true perception of the word “Success” in its real sense.

Let’s try to discuss this notion which overrules our whole lives.

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Understand what is a real success with my story:

Before discussing what is success to you, let me elaborate on the real meaning of triumph in our lives.

For a few days, whenever longed to write something, a lot of ideas and images tried to make space on the surface of my imagination. Some of them struck very hard.

Trying my level best to make them not mingle with each other, I always felt tired, without putting any of them on the canvas of my mind.

This situation was one of the failures that pinched me. Sometimes, I had no option other than regret.

What extent does my failure become important to you?

I think millions of you have nothing to do with my failures!

It means the failure at which I am repenting, or the desire for which I’m going to change my schedules is rather worthless to you!

Probably, you are getting my point; first, I’m trying to make it clear that our achievements and failures totally depend on the aims and goals of our lives.

For me, at least, my success is self-improvement.

Find what is your own unique success!

The way ahead is more striving, and I want you to experience it.

Just try to access your inner self, and find the aim, the passion, the dream, you want to be true!

So, do you really know what do you want to do?

Whatever you want, whatever your life goals are in this mortality, whatever the goals you have pinned, their achievement is your real victory; the attainment that satisfies your inner self.

Who sets these aims, goals, or dreams.

I opine that if people do not set their aims then their circumstances do that! (You may have a different opinion!)

For example, it is observed that poor people have no blessing more than the bliss of wealth.

They think of adopting a luxurious lifestyle as their goals, and this aim is set by their society for them.

It’s very inhumane that we even hate to mention our deprivations.

Possibly many of your own deprivations have come to your mind after reading this.

These deprivations make most of the poor and middle-class people to spend a great part of their lives in making money or at least finding possible means to earn more and more wealth.

Keeping in view all these generalizations, the triumph of humans may be defined asthe achievement of pelf, power, and status.”

The majority of the people who agree to this definition indulge in worldly pleasures and aspirations.

That is an average person feels, himself, fortunate if he becomes a doctor, an engineer, a bureaucrat, or even a wealthy man through whatever ways or means.

But my opinion is rather the opposite.

In my point of view, for a business, the real triumph of a business could not be judged by its profit.

It could be judged by the quality and satisfaction rendered to its stakeholders.

This victory is durable and real in its spirit.

A simpler definition of success in life

The simpler answers to the questions, what is a successful life or what is the definition of success, are:

According to Oxford Dictionaries’ definition, it’s the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

But according to me, an accomplishment never means a highly intimidating designation or having a lot of wealth, but whatever you are, you must be a master in your field.

People should be satisfied with your work, and should look for you in your field; they should prefer you in your field, and that is your achievement.

After understanding all the above, we can summarize success as;

Success is the achievement of the goals and the dreams that satisfy your inner self.

–  Junaid Raza

If you’re satisfied and fine with your job, and people honor you for your performance then you’re a successful person.

So are you successful in your life?

Now it’s all up to you whether you’re successful or not?

You can easily make a decision by analyzing your satisfaction and dissatisfaction with your life.

If you’re satisfied with, whatever you’re, you are successful, otherwise, you are not!

Sometimes, after realizing your personal success, you need some footprints to be successful, we call them essential success factors in life.

Whoever follows those success factors can achieve any goal in life, because there is no myth behind triumph – it’s just a pattern of life. And we call that pattern as steps to success.

That’s why if you want to succeed in your life, you need to understand what is your personal success as we discussed earlier, and then follow the footprints to legends of your field. Otherwise, you will face many obstacles that won’t let you succeed.

That’s all someone requires to understand success and succeeding in life.

Let us know to what extent you are satisfied with your job or business, and fortunate in your life?

Get A Free Domain With Affordable Hosting Plans Of Hostgator


Read: 10 mins

You must be looking for a free domain or an affordable web hosting that leads you here. You might have plans to build a site and earn from it. Right?

But do you know 20% of the business ends within a year or two and 45% of them end in 5 years? And unfortunately, only 25% of the business survives over ten years.

All of them must have been passionate as you are right now. Then why did they fail? Why most of them can’t survive for long? Even most of the sites don’t make money in the first few years.

What’s the reason?

I have good news for you. I will tell you why most of them fail and I will teach you some practical ways to build your strong online presence and to generate massive revenue for you.

At least today, the internet has so much space that all of you can be a millionaire if you build a site and run it appropriately.

There are over 1.7 billion websites, out of which 500 million are blogs, but only few of them are making money? Even I struggled for years before I found practical ways to earn livelihood from the Internet.

Why is this so?

Topmost reason that I found is that people don’t invest their money on the right things. Most of the people want to save a few bucks that are essential to be invested in building a profitable business that results in failure. And the reason behind my failure was I had not had proper guidance that I can provide you today for free.

Frankly speaking, there is no rocket science of making money online. People even make money with Instagram. It’s like having tools & appropriate knowledge of running a business.

You can even start with a blog or an estore whatever is feasible for you. Everything can be profitable if you do it properly. For your convenience , I’m going to teach you here how to build a strong presence online.

Before we discuss how you should set up your website and what are the essentials to consider for a great site, let’s see why you must have a robust online presence and how you will monetize it.

There are a number of ways to earn from a website or blog however we can summarize all of them into three main categories:

  1. Sell your services (become a freelancer)
  2. Start a blog (& monetize it)
  3. eStore (your online store)

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1. Sell your services (become a freelancer)

What can you do? Are you a skilled person? Can you assist people online? If yes, most probably starting your site to sell your services is one of the most powerful tools.

How does it work?

InspiredN is one of the strong examples of it. As you are here, I can offer you my copywriting service.

If you’re a business owner and want to build your online presence, I tell you that I can produce fully optimized content for you that will drive massive traffic for your site. And you will see magical conversions.

Would you reject the offer? Hope you wouldn’t! So it’s better to start a site to sell your own services.

2. Start a blog ( & monetize it)

As I told you earlier that there are over 500 million blogs. On blogs, you share useful information that can help others solve their problems. In return, you make money by monetizing that traffic.

It doesn’t cost them anything. It doesn’t harm them. But it’s always beneficial for you & your audience.

Three top methods to earn from a site are,

  1. Google Ads (Adsense) or Yahoo Ads
  2. Affiliate commissions
  3. Guest posts

As the traffic & authority of your blog increases, your revenue increases.

3. eStore (build your online store)

You know, it’s a digital era. All the businesses are on the internet today. You don’t need to go outside for shopping; you have online shops in your hands.

On the other hand, today, you don’t need to invest a lot in physical business that will take a lot from you. You can create an eStore to sell your products from your home.

Although, if you’re a physical brand, then undoubtedly you shouldn’t waste anymore to launch yourself on the Internet. I’m sure your people will be waiting for it.

So with an online store, you can sell your products and generate huge revenue at low costs.

Getting started with your online business

You must have realized the significance of launching yourself online. But you must not forget why people fail? Why only 25% of the business survive for long?

Because they compromise on essential steps to run a business, even your blog or your static web page can be your business. It can generate millions of dollars if you run it properly.

When it comes to building a strong online presence, you require two most essential things at the beginning.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting

As I’m running a business, additionally, I’m an SEO expert, so I am much aware of the value of a Domain & hosting.

A domain name is your brand name, whatever you want people to call you. It should be relevant to your products or services.

How to choose the right domain?

If you’re new to online business, you might not be aware of the value of Domain Names. Domain names can be of two types,

  1. Brand Name
  2. Keyword focused

Brand Name:

If you’re a real business with your unique brand name, then you shouldn’t change it. No matter if it is product-focused or not. People already know you, and they must find you with your brand name.

If you’re starting a new business, you can still choose a brand name. If you have plans to get traffic from Google & other search engines, then it’s better to adjust your focus keyword in your brand name.

Just like, in,

  • Hostgator
  • Hostinger

Their main keyword is hosting, and they use the word host in their brand Name.

In addition to the above suggestion, you should also try to follow the following recommendations.

  • Short & simple: It’s far most important for a brand name of being simple and concise.
  • Spelling: Brand name should be easy to spell-like Facebook. You shouldn’t need to tell the spelling twice.
  • Pronunciation: Brand name should be easy to pronounce like Google.
  • Brand Archetype: Your brand name should represent your vision. Like Amazon is the name of a big river, that means it can have a variety of things.
  • Meaning: Its meaning shouldn’t be terrible in any language.

Keyword focused:

If you’re new to online business, then definitely, I suggest you choose a keyword-focused domain name.

Like, in NameCheap.com, they are focusing Name from “Domain Name” & a Cheap as main keywords.

The benefit of choosing a keyword-focused domain name is that Google will love to rank you for relevant keywords. Google has started giving more emphasis to newly designed micro niche sites/blogs.

You can easily rank for your keyword with an entirely new domain if you’re using your keyword, at least partially in your domain name.

Neil Patel (digital marketing expert) – nowadays – is promoting keyword-focused domains.

Once you’re done with your research, it’s better to check if the brand name isn’t trademark protected. Search at the US Patent Office.

After that, buy your domain here with the best affordable plans.

How to choose the right web hosting?

Hosting is a place where data of your website is stored and your visitors will access it from around the world.

Your business depends on how quickly and how safely your visitors will access your site.

When my business started growing, I realized that investing in hosting is far more important than anything else.

Once I started securing far better positions on Google, I realized that my cheap hosting was one hindrance to my rankings. I had chosen a local host, and my website was down many times. As I went for a better hosting, I secured position 0 (Rich Snippets) as well.

I’m a writer and luckily an SEO expert as well. I work on my site’s SEO myself; that’s why I keep an eye on everything.

I found that there are many factors that we should notice before we buy a hosting.

Two most important are;

  1. Server speed
  2. Uptime
  3. Security

Downtime is one of the most significant issues that can create a lot of hurdles for your business. That’s why one should not be too choosy while selecting the company for your domain & hosting.

If you’re looking for top-rated web hosting that is affordable as well, then Hostgator is one of the finest ones in the world. You can’t forget Hostgator while selecting your hosting.

1. Server speed

The speed of a site mostly depends on where your server is located and how fast they are. As the server is closer to the user, it will take less time to load a site.

Hostgator has thousands of servers that are located around the world.

2. Uptime

Once I got rejected for my Google Adsense approval because my site was down. It was a terrible experience.

Hostgator has 99.98% uptime; it’s far better than many other hosting providers. It can even go higher for a few more bucks.

3. Security

40% of the websites are compromised just because of security. If you don’t compromise on your passwords, then your site on Hostgator is never taken from you. This is what Hostgator promises security.

Free Domain Offer

Hostgator is offering you a free domain (to save your money) whenever you buy any of their hosting plans for a year or more.

If you already have a domain that you bought from any cheap hosting company and you realized that as you sow as you reap, and now you want to transfer your domain. It’s free on offer.

No matter new or existing customers, all can take advantage of this offer.

The offer includes,

  1. Register free .com domains
  2. Register free .net domains
  3. Register free .org domains
  4. Hostgator free domain transfer

All of these are usually the most expensive TLDs with exception to a few others.

According to Web Hosting Pakistan, if you’re new and don’t have expertise or investment they recommend choosing WordPress for your online business.

It’s quite simple to use.

Once you chose your free WordPress domain with your shared or dedicated hosting.

You can install WordPress in a few clicks. You won’t require specialized knowledge to install WordPress on your domain.

How to get started with Hostgator?

Hostgator has a simple interface. There are no complications to use this web hosting provider.

As you jump into Hostgator’s homepage, you directly see an option to get started.

As you click on Get Started Button, you find an option to choose your plan. There are three plans there.

  1. Hatchling Plan
  2. Baby Plan
  3. Business Plan

You can select according to your needs if you’re not a big business and don’t want to launch something substantial that might get traffic from different campaigns. Then it’s better to choose a shared hosting plan.

Shared hosting plans mean many other websites like yours will be hosted on the same server. If thousands of the visitors come on all the sites available to the server, then the speed of the sites will, or even site may be down.

You can take an idea from the bandwidth of your hosting. Your site speed mostly depends on your bandwidth.

Many other hosting providers will provide you with limited bandwidth that will lower your site speed, but Hostgator gives you unmetered bandwidth.

So if you have plans to launch a big site with a lot of data and drive massive traffic from different campaigns, then it’s better to choose a business plan for your website.

Additionally, all these plans include free SSL that will secure the personal information of your visitors. It’s also a factor in your Google rankings these days.

As you choose your plan, you’re asked to select your free domain or transfer your domain for free.

After that,

  1. You enter your username
  2. Select a PIN (that is used for verifications later on)
  3. Enter your billing information

You can pay with your Cards or Paypal.

As you go through all this process, you get an email with the sensitive information of your control panel.

You should never share this with anyone.

Now you can log in to your HostGator’s control panel.

Control panel of Hostgator

In your cPanel, you have choices to,

  1. Upload your custom designed
  2. Use WordPress
  3. Use Hostgator site builder

1. Uploading your website

It’s not easy for everyone to upload a custom. You need an expert to help you with that.

The following video can help you upload files in your cPanel.

But if you’re not an expert, I don’t recommend it to you. You should contact Hostgator’s 24/7 award-winning support to help you with that.

2. Use WordPress

35.2% of the websites use WordPress. It can be used for your portfolio site or even a business site.

In your Hostgator’s cPanel, look for “Site builders & CMS,” where you will find WordPress icon.

By clicking on the icon & providing the details of your site.

Your WordPress will be installed in just one click. You will get an email once you activate WordPress on your domain.

After that, you won’t bother to log in to your Hostgator’s control panel. But you will use a quite simple wp-login address, like this. yoursite.com/wp-login/

WordPress Login

Once you complete all this, you can start creating amazing content for your business with your free domain on Hostgator.

3. Use Hostgator site builder

Hostgator website builder is an easy tool to build professional sites in just a few minutes.

Gator site builder comes with the following mindblowing features.

  • Drag & drop: You can build a highly professional site with simply dragging and dropping options.
  • Templates: You get access to hundreds of free templates to build a professional website in minutes.
  • Free domain: You get a free domain as you do in other plans.
  • SSL certificate: You get a free SSL certificate so that you keep your visitor’s sensitive data safe.
  • Cloud hosting: You get cloud hosting for your business website that makes it secure & faster.
  • Blogging: Most of the hosting providers don’t offer blogging options together with your business site. But Gator allows you to attract more visitors with blogging on your site.

It mostly depends on your requirements on how you should build your website. If you’re looking for a portfolio site or a blog, then WordPress is best.

If you want to build a business site, then Gator can be a good option.

Best Cars for 20 Somethings


If you’re just starting your adult life, you want independence, financial security, and the ability to have fun as well as stability. When it comes to deciding what car you drive, you’re also going to want something reliable, safe, affordable, and a car that you actually enjoy driving. That’s why making the right decision on your new vehicle is so important. Not to mention that it is equally important to accessorize your car, especially with car mats for mercedes to spice things up.

Finding the right vehicle to suit your specific needs is going to take a little time and research. There are quite a few things you’re going to want to consider before taking the plunge to purchase a new car. You’ll likely want to have your car for several years, so you can make the most of your investment. Here are some things to look for and the best cars for 20 somethings.

Safety First

Safety should be your first concern when considering what car to drive. The higher the safety rating, the less expensive your insurance will be. There are still plenty of reasons why you should hire a car accident lawyer, just in case, but safety does bring peace of mind. Here’s what to look for when it comes to the best vehicle in the safety category.

1. Government Crash-Test Scores

There are four categories of government crash tests that include scoring of front and side collision safety for every vehicle. You’ll want to look for a car that scores a minimum of 4 stars in each category and a minimum combined score of no less than 16. A perfect score would be a total of 20 points. The closer you get to this number, the better.

2. Rollover Resistance and Vehicle Size

When it comes to safety, you’ll also want to consider how likely the car is to rollover if you lose control. Just like the other safety categories, this is tested on a 5 point scale. Look for a vehicle with at least a 4-star rating. 

You’ll also want to consider that cars are rated for safety within their class, such as compact cars like the Kia Cerato, pickups, and SUVs. Each is slightly different and can contribute to building a case with a wrongful death law firm or accident attorney, so make sure to do your research. Once again, 5-star ratings are the best.

Best Car Options

There are other things you’ll likely consider when purchasing a new vehicle, like pricing, fuel economy, interior size, and looks that suit your style. Here are a few cars that have everything you’ll want in your first big purchase of a new vehicle. 

1. 2020 Toyota Camry Base MSRP $24,425

This mid-sized sedan is awarded the Best Midsized Car for the Money in 2020. Not only does it have a perfect safety score rating, but it’s stylish, has great fuel economy, a comfortable ride, and a ton of cool features, such as a standard rearview camera, driver-assist features, and Toyota’s world-renowned dependability.  

2. 2020 Honda Insight $22,930

If you’re looking for a sensible and sharp looking car, the Honda Insight is a top pick. It has excellent fuel economy, loads of safety and convenience features, and it has a streamlined sporty look that younger drivers crave. The perfect safety score and the highest rating for front crash prevention make it a no-brainer choice if you’re looking for a hybrid model.

3. 2020 Kia Optima $23,190

With its sleek body and upscale interior, a host of cool tech and safety features, and its smooth comfortable ride, it’s no surprise that the Kia Optima was a finalist for the 2020 Best Midsize car for the money. Not to mention, the Optima received a perfect safety score in frontal, side, and rollover crash tests. You’ll feel like you’re driving a luxury car for a low price that fits your budget.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Grieving A Divorce


The shock of a divorce is enough to shake just about anyone’s confidence. Ask the divorce lawyers at Strange Law Firm, or any other experts who deal with divorce, and they’ll likely clue you in on how the process can bring about strong feelings of grief for those involved. 

These feelings are natural, of course, but if you are experiencing a period of grieving, you’ll want to make sure you are handling your emotions well so that they don’t overcome you. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t be doing in the time following your divorce.

Lie To Yourself About Your Feelings

Humans are remarkable in their ability to deceive themselves, but if you choose to go this route after your divorce, you’ll be in for more pain than you bargained for. 

Attempting to mask your grief, or convince yourself that you aren’t feeling grief at all, only puts off dealing with your emotions. 

As time goes on, those feelings of sadness can build until they are too great to bear, and they come crashing down on you with greater force than you imagined.

Instead, be honest about how you feel, and take the appropriate actions to deal with your grief. These may vary, depending on your personality, but the key takeaway is that it will take action on your part, instead of ignoring the issue in front of you.

Rush Into A New Relationship

While it may seem that replacing your ex-spouse with someone new is the perfect way to just “get over things” it can often end up causing more harm than good. 

Rushing into a new relationship without dealing with the feelings of an old one will hurt you in the long run, as no two are alike and the “replacement” you’re looking for doesn’t truly exist.

What’s more, lingering feelings from your previous marriage can end up hindering how you relate to a new partner, leading to unexpected tension that could have been avoided if you had waited longer and dealt with your emotions first.

Intellectualize Your Split

It’s a hard concept for many to grasp, but the reasons behind your divorce do not negate any feelings of grief you may have. You may try to tell yourself things like, “because my partner cheated, I don’t need to feel bad about our relationship ending.” 

This isn’t true, however, and negative feelings you may have about divorce are valid whether you initiated the split, your partner did, or it was an inevitable consequence of bad behavior from either party. Again, be honest with your feelings and don’t try to fool yourself.

How To Make Money With Facebook? (It’s Easier Than You Think)


Facebook is a platform where you can start earning more than $500 by spending about an hour each day without any investment. It is no longer a secret to be unfolded, but with a sensible approach and some hard work it can become a very reliable source of income.

Facebook has over a billion users thus making it one of the most popular social networks to be used to promote any business or service.

How to Earn money from Facebook?

The following steps will come in handy if you want to learn to earn money using Facebook.

Boost your brand name and create sales with the help of Facebook marketing to achieve unprecedented growth for your business.

1. Create an Eye-catching Facebook Profile

Ensure that your profile picture, cover image and your detailed information section is properly made. With a professional profile picture and a complete ‘about’ section gives people credibility to round up your personality.

When someone knows and trusts you they are willing to hear about your business and give ‘Likes’ very generously. Create a fan page about your interests too like travelling or reading etc.

2. Post Publicity on Facebook

Your aim is to inform your friends about your business or service that you provide.

Let them know how you can help them through your business. Your punch line should be attractive enough to appeal to people. Let your account build up an audience over time by providing new and relevant content almost every day.

3. Make Proper Use of Facebook Messenger

This is even better than an email. If you have already conversed with a prospect and want to talk again on the issue, you can do so by reviewing your previous conversation. Whenever you speak to a friend make sure that you re-establish your friendship first as you would not like them to feel that you are reaching out to them only for business purposes.

Chat about your products or services only if asked. You could even find an affiliate program or some other link type program for advertising as they pay you a commission based on the business you generate. Examples are Amazon affiliate program or Apple’s iTunes program.

4. Send Messages Based on Previous Conversations

In case of a realtor, you can keep sending them details of different homes keeping their requirements in mind. This will help to keep you in their memory. Keep the conversation going by responding to their queries if any. If they respond, you can thank them for their response and send additional information like videos, pictures and other details

5. Increase the number of friends if you want to make money on Facebook

Facebook’s Graph Search enables you to open their entire database so it is up to you to spend some time to build relationships. With over a billion users Facebook offers an unlimited amount of people to connect with you.

Be aggressive and simply keep adding people as friends as often as possible. Some will accept while others will not.

6. Keep in Touch

You stay in touch on Facebook by interacting with your friend’s post and posting quality content on yours. It is just a matter of time before friends start asking for your products.

Make sure that you balance between posting quality content that is personal and business as failure to balance will result in failure to impress your friends.

The right option is to have 80% personal posts with 20% business posts. When you interact with your friend’s post, your business feeds automatically appear in their newsfeed giving the impression that you are not just marketing your product but interacting like a true friend. This will definitely help to make money on Facebook.

7. Create Groups for Inspiration and Support

Start a group on Facebook and post one everyday or make it at least five times a week. It could be anything from a question, picture, video or simply some words of motivation. Like or give comments on your friend’s posts too. You can just do about anything in groups as they are like live events happening all day. You can make good money on Facebook if you manage and motivate a group the right way.

8. Commit Yourself to Earn on Facebook

Persistent hard work is the only way to make money on Facebook. Organize yourself and plan a schedule and stick to it. It is more of a number game since marketing on Facebook costs nothing but your time. You could market to your heart’s content and see the statistics and percentages work beginning with just a penny at a time.

If you already are making money with Facebook then let us which techniques do you prefer and how you maximize your sales. Speak your mind in the opinion box.